Bermuda Triangle And Waverly Hills Hospital – Q+A

– Hello and welcome to
our first official edition of Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem. This is a show where we answer your most pressing questions about the most recent
episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, which is the Bermuda Triangle. So if you haven’t seen that,
stop watching this right now, go watch that, and then come
back here and watch this. And a little bit at the end
we’re gonna talk about Waverly, because there were so many questions. – That’s true. That was a meaty ep. – (laughing) Meaty ep. – It was meaty. Like a big sandwich.
– Don’t refer to things as meaty. – Like a big roast beef sammy. – That’s gross. Alright. By the way all the questions
that we got here today are from our Twitter and Instagram, so if you have any other questions that you’d like to see on the next Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem,
then just send them to there. – Woo, send them on us, send them on over. – There’s the info. – Put a little UFO over it? – No, I won’t do that. But yeah, if you want them answered, maybe we’ll answer them. – A little bigfoot walking by. – I’m just gonna ignore you at this point. – A little spooky ghost,
put a spooky ghost, how hard is it, just clipart. – I’m going right into questions. – Okay. – This one comes from somebody
on Twitter, @vintagemixtapes. “In your perspective, which theory about the Bermuda Triangle do you possibly think could be true? Doesn’t have to be
scientifically accurate.” – No, well, good thing. Yeah, I really don’t even
remember a lot of those theories, because they were all stupid. I’ll go with, like, weather. I’ll take science over
pseudoscience or non-science. Or other sciences. – Okay, wait a second, first off. – That’s a thing that you said, that’s captured, it’s recorded. – Let me clarify what I
meant by other science. There’s other science
that we don’t know about. – There’s other science
that we don’t know about. – If you believe in aliens,
you essentially believe in the other science
that I’m talking about. – Oh, I see what you’re saying, you’re saying there’s
things we don’t know. – Yes. So there may be creatures like aliens, that can manipulate
things like black holes and wormholes and stuff like that. – Sure. – Natasaurusrex8 from Twitter says, “did you ever look more
into underwater Area 51? Like what’s up with that.” – Why do you even present a
theory like underwater Area 51, if there is no content to it whatsoever? – Here’s the thing, do I believe underwater Area 51 is a thing, probably not, but you
know, it’s a possibility, anything’s a possibility. So you can’t rule, (laughing) you can’t rule anything out I suppose. Katharineerob from Instagram, “would you guys ever consider actually going to the Bermuda Triangle?” – I think it would be boring. – Unless we were in, like, a sailboat. If it was just me and you in a sailboat, that would just be dangerous because we’re in the sea, though. – Yeah, I don’t have sailing experience. – Neither do I. – We would die. – We would be dead. But flying over it? Yeah, I’d do that. – It’d be a good ep. – Us sailboating to death? – Well, yeah, if we sailboated to death. If you get dehydrated at sea I think you can drink
the blood of seagulls. So I know that much. – There you go, that’s, I would never, – So I’d live longer than you. – I prefer death, yeah, you’re right. – Just cut its head off and probably just, – Yeah I’m not draining the
seagull’s carcass into my mouth. (laughing) This one comes
from awkwardathlete007, on Instagram, “what do
you think about the theory that the Bermuda Triangle connects to an alternate Bermuda Triangle that is located near Japan?” – What are you doing? (both laughing) – This one comes from jafertalib_jt, “a legend says millions of years ago before there was humans on earth, there was a battle
between the angels of God and the demons who didn’t obey God.” – Woah, woah, what’s happening. – (laughing) “They fought and demons lost, and the demons from there
went to build a world,” – This is about the
Bermuda, what’s happening? – “Where it is on the water,
it was very sophisticated, and they say it is now
called the Bermuda Triangle.” – Is this what this show is gonna be, answering questions like that? – Pamelatavarez says,
this is on Instagram, “what if those who get lost in the Bermuda Triangle
are time traveling?” – What if? (Ryan laughing) (laughing) I don’t know. I’d be so bummed if I was on a ship in the Bermuda Triangle and it sank, and everyone was like, maybe
he’s with dinosaurs now. – (laughing) I never said that. – Maybe he got sucked into a time portal. – I never said any of those. – Maybe he’s king of Atlantis, meanwhile my bones are being
eaten by crabs on the bottom of the ocean floor.
– I did say that, I said the last one. Guilty. Now let’s move on to Waverly. In the Waverly hills
video where you and Shane are sitting talking,
was that a green screen? – The first time I saw that footage, I thought, wow, looks like
we’re on a green screen. – Just believe us. That’s not a green screen. Also if it was a green screen, that part when we look down the hall like this, is super funny to me. Like, look at that. – Look at how dark and
scary that hallway is. – Wow, check that out. – Yeah, we don’t have the
time to really do that. – No. This one is from
fannymillion on Instagram, she says “Shane how
the fuck do you explain the blue ball stopping under Ryan’s name? There’s no plausible answer
except a major coincidence.” – There is no plausible answer, except a coincidence. (Ryan laughing) So, I think you’ve
answered your own question. – Could you, there were hundreds of rooms. – It’s a coincidence. – It’s not a coincidence,
it landed under my name, are you fucking kidding me? 50shades_of_stranger_things asks, “have you guys tried to figure out why the ball bounced two extra times? Like come in from a skeptic’s
point of view to debunk it. (ball bouncing) Oh my God. – [Shane] Do you think it’s like, – [Ryan] Shh. – Between, like, the hallway and the room, there was like a lip, – There was a doorway, too. – Yeah, so I think it most
likely was probably bouncing, rolled, hit the lip, and
then bounced a little more. – There you have it. This is what it’s like
to live in my world. – I mean, what, (Ryan laughing) what do you want? – I want you to admit ghosts are real. – The ghost was like, oh
here goes a bouncing ball, it was like, bop-bop-bop-bopbopbop. – He’s a little kid, so he’s like, he probably dropped it from yea high, like an ankle height. – You know, if you want to
believe in ghosts, there you go. – Well I think it clearly
bounced a couple extra times, and they also put it under my name in a hallway that, I did
not know that room existed, so you know what, I mean, whatever, it’s just a coincidence. The other thing that
people always pointed out, in the episode, was that
they thought they saw a ghost at 14:20 in the episode. Here’s a picture of it. You did see something, however, that something is our cameraman, and I’ll show that picture now, the side by side of what you think you saw and another angle, just a camera guy. – That’s a good example of the fact that we will never mislead you. We’re not here to provide phony evidence for the sake of entertainment. – No we are not. When I first saw this though, on Twitter, – Hoo, I bet your chimneys were rustled. – My brain almost exploded. – Did you try and call the President? – (laughing) Yeah. – The ghosts, they’re real. – The ghosts, they’re real, yeah exactly, I got fucking Trump on
the horn and I was like, we gotta put some more money into this. So that does it for this
episode, we’ll be back next week after the next episode
of Buzzfeed Unsolved, and we’ll talk about that one. If you have any questions
that you’d like us to answer on the next Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem, send them to these things here. – Spooky ghost. – Watch the episode first, and then, – Frankenstein. – And then send us questions,
alright, we’re leaving. – Wolfman. (quiet music)

100 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangle And Waverly Hills Hospital – Q+A

  1. Isn’t anyone curious about the alarm sound when he walked past the bag in the creepy basement at waverly ?????

  2. The Bermuda Triangle has just been so hyped up, anything they say about it is gonna be theorized. They said that there's no evidence that these things happen more in the Bermuda Triangle than they do in the rest of the ocean. I think these things are just normal crashes but since it's such an urban legend, people go right to that.

  3. I swam in the Bermuda Triangle when I was 8 and I’m 25 now and didn’t disappear. It was fun and we got to swim By and explore a sunken ship. It was a good time.

  4. The ball thing. My theory on it is that it went a little wonky to the side. Hit the doorway, the one with Ryans name, bounced off of it between the walls for a bit, which would also give the bouncing sounds since it bounces just not on the floor, until it stopped.

  5. When I was younger, we were going on a trip on our yacht and the course was set to go through the Bermuda triangle. However we never made it. A few things that were odd happened. The original captain had to have emergency knee surgery and so another captain who was not as f amiliar with my family or our boat was commissioned to take us out that day. As we got closer and closer to the triangle, a storm began to form off in the distance and for such a tropical place, it seemed to get colder. (Not jacket weather but definitely noticible chill) the last straw was when the engine began to fail so the substitute captain decided at the point to turn back around and get the yacht checked out. Could be nothing but sure was odd.

  6. I love how many comments make fun of Shane for having logic and scientific skepticism lmao; I tend to agree with everything he says

  7. There's no such thing as other science, science isn't a belief it's the a method for understanding the workings of the universe through observations

  8. I REALLY want this series with their own channel! And post twice a week!! Plzzzz! If you cant with the twice week that’s fine but is a separate channel an idea??

  9. I think the universe is huge and anything is possible. I don't see proof of aliens yet but ya never know. I'm smacked dab in the middle. Haha

  10. Couldn't the water have a different density? That whether the vessel had a flotation device, it could have sunk to the bottom. I don't think that anyone had/has searched the bottom of the triangle either.

  11. @ryan i read it somewhere that "water" in the area of Bermuda triangle has methane gas pockets which somehow disrupts magnetic field as well has might be responsible for the vanishing of planes and ships…

  12. I think seeing footage of/hearing about buzzfeed unsolved's camera man is more rare than seeing proof of a ghost at this point

  13. Recently, I learned that my mom's grandmother spent a month or so in Waverly when she had a lung removed due to TB. So, I thought that was cool. It's just cool to see a group like Shane and Ryan visit your state, like they've been within an hour or two from where you are.

  14. The thing about the ball landing next to Ryan's name is the fact that they chose a room with the name "Ryan" graffitied onto it to do the ball test is in itself a huge coincidence, and one that a ghost probably couldn't control. So the only coincidence that can really be argued to be the result of supernatural forces is the coincidence of the ball rolling down a straight hallway and ending up near Ryan's name at the end of the hallway, which is not that hard for me to buy.

  15. So y'all telling me y'all just left the camera man sleeping out side on his own when y'all sleeped in the room?????!!!

  16. i didn't care much about the ball bouncing a few extra times, my thing was the fact the ball was almost directly in the middle of the hall both times

  17. Why is there a book behind you that says, " Satanic Verses." by, I think, Salman Rushdie (I like his last name).

  18. Drink a seagull's blood. Um, gross, plus I've heard that blood is too salty for humans to drink. Better look up on how to desalinate ocean water.

  19. Good luck catching and killing a seagull with your bare hands. Theyre beautiful and graceful but they are large and Scrappy to say the least. Those things will fight to the death for a half eaten cheese curl.

  20. Shane, ole boy, u seemed to get bothered when a religious oriented Bermuda triangle theory was given…are you shrugging off the theory and/or possibility that an angelic/demonic battle took place there or maybe that's the spot where the angels that were cast outta heaven fell and hit the earth?

  21. idk if Ryan gets that science is still science and if aliens existed the rules of the universe would apply to them just as much as they apply to us

  22. I FUCKING LOVE THAT VOICE SHANE WAS DOING @ 3:30!!!! “Maybe he’s with dinosaurs now! Maybe he got sucked in to a tiiiiime portal!! Maybe he’s king of Atlantis!!” Fucking great I wish he did that voice more! Maybe every time he’s mocking or fucking with Ryan!?!

  23. Why didn’t the sound that Shane heard and asked if Ryan heard…….it was like NOTHING came of the sound or the question???

  24. I mean you asked him to give you the ball back and he did just not in the way you wanted 😂 so he put it under your name

  25. Are we just going to ignore the fact that Ryan pronounced Pamela Tavarez “Parmaleta Avarez”? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. Do people not understand how probability works? If you go into an abandoned building, there's a non-zero chance of finding graffiti. There's a non-zero chance that some of that graffiti happens to be your name. If you roll a ball, there's a non-zero chance that the ball stops under your name. Sometimes extremely improbably things happen.

  27. 2:27 I'm decently sure it's actually sea turtle blood that you can drink. Although I guess I don't really know either way about seagull blood, so.

  28. While it's true that we don't know everything about the universe, Ryan still has no idea how black holes work

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