Bentley’s Second Chance – Part Three: Inside the operating room | Boston Children’s Hospital

Alright, so we have Bentley Yoder, 6 months old, encephalocele, we’re going to make a bicoronal incision and reflect the flaps, probably first posterior, then anterior then Dr. Proctor’s going to be involved in managing the brain and the dura, then we’ll be making some osteotomies posteriorly to expand the calvarium. Alright, everybody happy? Alright, very good. Okay, let’s reassess for a second. Okay, so we want to get all this scalp off it. I think we have no choice but to take any of these veins, because they’re going right up into the scalp. Let’s just see the other side of that. It’s just completely in the scalp. So I think that vein is takeable. We’ll do something with the occipital bone to try to keep it open a little bit. Let’s take a look in. Plenty of room, but it’s actually the dura itself that’s constraining it. It it were more pliable, it would all just sink right in. I do think he’s going to be prone to grow out. We could probably steal a stave or two, a ton of tissue. Just put it right over the top, plate it in, so it’s stopping from going up. Alright, can I see a 4-0 vicryl? Alright, just hold that for me. We’ll take some suture, we’ll suture it in first. So, we definitely want to get most of our expansion right here. He doesn’t need much in width, just let that do what it wants, and push it back. Pushing that back. Yeah. How are we doing, Susan? Good. Have we given any blood? Nope. Get a light back on here. Yeah, a little expansion in the back’s a good thing. Now, I’m going to put some holes in this.

24 thoughts on “Bentley’s Second Chance – Part Three: Inside the operating room | Boston Children’s Hospital

  1. The movable camera was cool but useless without zooming
    I just re-viewed this & if you go up & left you can find a screen displaying the surgery. At first it’s just his head & then there’s a gloved hand over his face. You loose the screen whenever they time cut so You have to go looking for the label “Surgical monitor”. Eventually you can see just a bit of what’s happening but it’s better than nothing.

  2. Well there I am sitting on the throne wondering why I can hear the surgeons but only see the floor (iPad was on my lap), then I lifted my iPad and found myself looking around the operating theatre! I had to get off the throne, as I was twisted 180 degrees in order to see the monitor on the wall behind me, which showed the surgeons at work. I do LOVE technology and I’m so glad the op went well….now onto part four (by the way I had to search for part three because it wasn’t showing in the listings, it’s a shame the links aren’t in the blurb on all 4 vid pages).

  3. This is an amazing 360° video that you can move around on your screen. I have never seen a YouTube video like this before. Super awesome, you can look at it from every angle. And it's even labeled 😉

  4. I thought my phone was acting up this virtual reality thing was so cool is it just me or for reals though

  5. I was so confused to start as to why I couldn't see anything 😂 it took a worryingly long time to realise 😂💗

  6. What?? I watched this, sort of, on my computer. All I saw was a bird's eye view of pretty much nothing! The other segments work fine!

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