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Hello. My name is Albert Nevarez, and I am the business development liaison here at Highlands Hospital in El Paso, Texas, part of the Vibra Healthcare system, and today we’re gonna talk about if you have suffered a serious injury, or have had a joint replacement or other complex orthopedic surgery, and how short-term inpatient rehab should be recommended as your best option for your recovery. In such cases, the intensive therapy and comprehensive
care that rehab centers offer might be best for addressing your
aftercare and rehabilitation needs to ensure that you make your best and safest possible recovery. For example, joint replacement recovery. For joint replacement therapy, inpatient rehab
provides an option for a faster, and more complete recovery. It can also reduce the risk for post surgery
complication and injuries by offering support throughout the recovery and rehab process. Or perhaps your recovery and rehabilitation
is time sensitive due to obligations at work or at home. Using an intensive inpatient rehab program
can speed your progress up, and meeting all your daily needs such as meals, medications, and care management. And that can free your time and energy to
focus on your recovery, and this can go a long way toward minimizing the time it takes to get back on your feet. There are four key reasons that inpatient
care can be beneficial. The first one is easier recovery management. An inpatient short term rehab program provides you,
or a loved one, with the professional care needed. This means your recovery can be the focus,
while the specialists can help with areas like wound care, medication management, and
much more. Another reason is comprehensive, efficient,
and highly coordinated care. In addition to the ease of an inpatient program,
it also provides patients with a physician led, multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation
specialists. This means that all of your recovery is happening
in one place, and the staff can effectively communicate with one another. The third reason is faster, more complete
recovery. Through an inpatient short-term rehab program,
you will find a level of care that many outpatient programs lack. In addition to comprehensive care, you’ll
also receive more intensive rehabilitation therapy. For example, patients in an outpatient program
may see a therapist for about 30 minutes to an hour, one to three times per week. In comparison, in an inpatient program, patients
receive a minimum of three hours of therapy on a daily basis. And lastly, is safety. It is a major factor with inpatient rehab. When released from the hospital, patients
might be better, but not necessarily ready to take care of themselves yet, which is why
inpatient care is an ideal solution to prepare them to head back home. And here at Highlands we are well equipped
to handle orthopedic issues such as falls, workers’ comp cases, fractures, joint replacements,
or other complex orthopedic surgeries. Thank you.

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