Ben Phillips | Super hair gel – Elliot ends up in hospital – PRANK

Elliot’s got a date tonight and he is obviously going to do his hair super glue plus his hair gel sorry bro enjoy your date Ben? Ben? What? My brush is stuck to my hair My brush is stuck to my hair What have you done? Well, I was brushing my hair like a normal person would do No, Ben Seriously, can you get it out? Stop laughing! Ouch! Ben, it’s not funny! What are you doing? What is in my hair? It’s superglue! Superglue?! You stupid idiot! You stupid idiot! I’ve got a date tonight! How does it feel? It’s not coming out! We’ll chop it off Get, get away! Get away from me! Get off! He’s just on the phone to the hospital My dickhead of a brother has put superglue in my gel and I put it in my hair and now it is stuck on my brush and i can’t get my brush off my hair Ben! Sorry about that, I’m on the phone! It’s not funny Please, stick your seatbelt on as well How am I supposed to put a seatbelt on when there’s a brush stuck to my hair? Sick of this shit Shut up Ben, it’s not funny oh, its cold! Ah, shit! It’s stuck to your hand as well! it’s ok do you think its ok? Shut up! We’ve arrived at the hairdressers Stop filming, he’s trying to fix my hair! Stop laughing! Even the hairdresser is laughing!

100 thoughts on “Ben Phillips | Super hair gel – Elliot ends up in hospital – PRANK

  1. Dear Ben u make me laugh when I just got out of a bad relationship today I want to say u guys rock and Elliot is very handsome #brofo #bae

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  3. Ben's famous words"super glue"sorry bro"elliots famous words"WHY ARE U BLOODY RECORDING"SUPER GLOO!"

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