Beike Treatment Partners: Better Being Hospital

you we have worked with her for almost seven years you know and and and we have come together for quite far and once in a whi we want to keep updating you know and keep reconfirming that that that both directions of the companies you know the video being hospital and the prickers state stay on the same track and of course you know we want to learn more you know every day from Foraker and from our persons also to work with estimator physicians such as dr. Tulsa well give our patients confident confidence and also to make sure that our patients were not just gets the best stem cell but also also gets the best medical care the main goal of working with Baker by our technologies is you know we need cutting it technology that quicker biotechnology is working on you know but could has a good research facility and team that that working on the this technology and why have better being hospital we work on honor how we gonna help the chronic complex illness you know with the frontier medicine principle that that work on the lifestyle modification on the nutritional therapy anything like that but that’s not enough you know you we still need a cool technology that can help us and we believe that that by combining both string of board company that that’s gonna help to achieve our goal that’s mean who to help to improve the quality of life of our patients this is a first developing area the stem cell technology is developed very quickly worldwide so our goal is to make sure that the breakthrough in the lab will be used to benefit our patients as soon as possible so that we are working hard to to establish a platform to do that to do the translational medicine we wish that you know our ultimate goal as a doctor and as the hospital you know we look into fear out the gap that that the conventional practice or the normal hospital cannot provide something like like say the chronic complex illness you know most of the hospital some in some some certain disease there or they give up on the patient’s already but we don’t believe that yeah we see that that is always the way in a UV we are looking at different angle different view or use a new technology to help them so that is our goal and by cooperating with Michael biotechnology I think that that that’s going to help us to achieve that goal you

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