Beetles in ear canal /BELIZE MEDICAL MISSION

(upbeat music) – [Ryan] We will be leaving here tonight on the red eye I just want you to know this is what your family
members are doing. They’re doing something huge. It’s impacting a lot of
lives across the world. We did it last year we went to Ethiopia. We saw over 1000 patients. We did over 50 major surgeries. If we could just take
10 seconds of silence just to wish everybody
here safe travel there, safe travel back, to have
a successful mission there, to have no casualties,
to have no moralities, and no morbidities while
we’re doing the ER treatments. My name is Ryan Osborne. I trained as a head and neck surgeon in South Central Los Angeles
managing the most complex cancer and trauma patients in the country. I’ve operated across the globe
in the first and third world. My experiences have taught me the value of flexible and innovative thinkers. But I realized our healthcare system doesn’t always provide that. So I started Osborne
Head and Neck Institute. I made it my mission to find the best most creative surgeons around and I gave him the space to excel. Together we set a new
standard in medicine. These are our stories. (contemplative music) Every time I say we’re
going on a medical mission people ask me the same question. With which organization are you going? Is it Doctors Without Borders? I say no it’s just us but we
are doctors without borders. Then they say who’s funding the mission? I say our funding is simple. We all commit a portion of our paycheck and we have a community of supporters that believe in what we are doing. So with their support and
the support of our families we leave Los Angeles and we
head out for Central America. (contemplative music) – It was interesting
getting out of the airport. – We had bags all over
the tunnel we had over– – 80 bags that we had to get
through customs in Belize. (calm music) – So as soon as we stepped
outside the airport… – That’s when it hit me,
the humidity and the heat. – Hot, we need bottles of water. – It was suffocatingly hot. (calm music) – Coming off the airplane
we haven’t slept a ton. You just kind of get thrown right in. (contemplative music) – We dropped our stuff off at the hotel. (upbeat music) – We get to this clinic. Tons of patients outside it’s super hot. – Probably about 90 to 100 degrees inside. – There’s no ocean nearby,
there’s no ocean breeze. – No air conditioning. – And there are no fans. – [Jason] The poor patients
were waiting outside and under a tent but when they came inside it was just as hot or hotter. – We just went in there and set it up. (dramatic music) Patients started to come in. – And this reminds me of
the old way that medicine used to be, just a bunch of
patients packed into one ward. (contemplative music) – There was a little girl with a bilateral cleft lip and palate
it was a very sad case. We really wanted to help this girl. – When we moved on to
try to get them scheduled we realized that it was a little bit more complicated than that. The child also had some cardiac issues. It was a big murmur,
there was other problems and the hospital we were
going to be operating on did not have any specialists to be able to assist should anything go wrong. This wasn’t really the safest
place to do this surgery. You’re going in thinking
great I’m gonna do well. I’m good I’m gonna help everyone and the first patient you see is
the one that you can’t help. – I’m really sensitive to burns because I’ve been burned myself and I was excited to be
able to do that case. – What she told me was that she doesn’t wanna go to school anymore because the kids think she’s
like a monster and they said, she said that they don’t want to touch her they don’t wanna play with her because they think she has
something wrong with her. And my daughter’s that age. I just sat her down and I
told her she was beautiful and that she shouldn’t let other kids you know make her feel like less than. But it’s hard. – It’s just a matter of
circumstance that can change somebody’s world for
the good or for the bad. We’re meant to come together. The goal going in was to really make it so that she had a normal smile and that she could eat and speak normally. (dramatic music) We released the scars
to kind of free her lip so that it would be functional for her. (dramatic music) And we did some things
to improving the scar. I think she’s gonna have
a real great outcome. – If you can improve even a little bit and help somebody’s life
a lot is it’s worth it. (dramatic music) – We appreciate it on
behalf of Rise and Shine management and staff here and people of this country want to
say welcome to this team. Just to see a specialist in this land it’s like $100 Belize just
to see the face of someone. But this is a blessing fall
from the Los Angeles, California fall into the laps of Belizeans. So we want say thank you but tell us a little bit about the schedule. – We are gonna be seeing patients everyday Tuesday through Friday. We’ll start at about nine
o’clock in the morning and it is first come first served although we do have some patients who are already scheduled because we started seeing patients yesterday. We landed in Belize after flying
all night the night before, unpacked our bags and brought ourselves straight to the hospital,
unpacked all of our supplies, and had probably over 100 people yesterday that we were able to
treat and take care of and set up for surgery that
we’re gonna start doing today. (dramatic music) – [Ryan] These missions are difficult. But probably one of the
most difficult aspects at least for me is trying to decide who’s actually gonna get treated. I mean on onset I want to
treat everybody but I can’t. Everything is limited,
supplies, resources, manpower, but most of all the time is limited. Dr. Nazarian came to me with a patient that he saw that had a neck mass. It was just a lymph node
it wasn’t causing any pain but it had been there for a while. But for some reason Dr. Nazarian really wanted this guy to get O.R. time. But I really couldn’t justify it. I mean I had seen patients with tumors, birth defects, infectious,
things that just seemed like they were just much more pressing to be handled then this little lymph node. But I gave him the time begrudgingly and I have to say I’m glad I did. After he removed that lymph node the diagnosis came back as lymphoma. (contemplative music) (dramatic music) – Thank you. (contemplative music) – Well he didn’t come to the screening day but his mom has a lot of ear issues. And we took care of her and she said oh my son has similar
issues can I bring him in? We said okay fine bring him in Samuel is actually worse than his mom. He’s got ear infections on both sides, chronic ear infections and we have to take this out or his hearing
is not gonna get any better. He’s been waiting a long time. We’re gonna make you hear. (dramatic music) You have a bandage so the
glasses don’t fit well. – 99%. – Good job. (contemplative music) (dramatic music) – [Father] The problem
started when she was two, two years old and for ever
since she’s been on antibiotics, antibiotics up to after 10 years. And she’s been sleepless night,
fevers and different things. – It’s barely gonna hurt. You know what’s gonna hurt more? You squeezing your dad’s hand. You’re gonna hurt him more
than I’m gonna hurt you. (acoustic piano music) – [Father] I put all
my trust and confidence in you guys and God and I
said everything will be okay. – One, two, three, got it. (dramatic music) – I would like to thank my
doctor and thank you guys man because man you did a wonderful job. And for the past 10 years
we’ve been suffering so I feel much better now. Now she’s doing great. You feel good right Yen. – Yeah.
– Yeah. I wish you guys come back again. – One patient that really comes to mind is a young man who Dr.
Hamilton and Dr. Gupta removed his lipoma in the clinic. He had it quite a large
lipoma on his back. (dramatic music) It was really an amazing feat
to have this man come in, have his surgery, be awake,
have his life transformed. And I said to him so you know are you mourning that thing now or what? And he said actually I’m mourning the life that I haven’t had for 10 years. So (crying) you know
I think when you think that you have to do something really powerful and very impressive and… to make yourself feel
really like I did my job and look at me look what I did. Here two world renowned surgeons go to a third world country and remove a fatty cyst off a man’s back. And it’s gonna transform his life. – The surgeon was excellent
was nothing that I think. Not like I thought like it was gonna be like painful and you know? I like your team. I like all the guys I
call them the old guys. Seniors I like them you know they made me feel comfortable from the day I came here. I like my doctor Mr. Hamilton. Enough fellows enough respect you know. Keep up the good work you
guys are doing excellent. – My dad’s a great person
he can make anyone laugh. He’s great with his
patients I think he really makes them feel comfortable
when he talks to them. He can like just make anyone feel comfortable in any situation. – What excites me about just being here is just being able to
work with my dad’s team. – People could really notice
that he’s a very serious guy. And when people ask me is my
dad serious the answer is yes. Is he serious at home? Yes that is a complete
yes but it’s just because he cares a lot about what he does and he thinks things through. He’s thinking about things all the time so I really admire that that
he’s always looking ahead and trying to figure out
what the next thing is and how to make something
better or improve something. So even though it just looks
as oh here’s a serious guy, it’s so much more than that so I really admire that about him. – I don’t get to see them a lot so being able to work with them and really see what they
do what they do in action and just be a part of it
even it’s like a small thing to be a part of what they do. – High school is a lot
of books, a lot of tests, a lot of studying, not a
lot of real life experience. And I was really looking
for an opportunity to really be hands on and try something that I want to do in my future. Being here in Belize where everything is incredibly rewarding,
everyone’s so grateful, and just happy we’re
here it’s just amazing. I’m so happy to be here. – Yeah it made a difference
to my life you know. If you impact one person you
impact many you understand and from my observation
what I see here from a couple of days you made an impact on several hundred of people lives so I give you guys a double A plus. (dramatic music) – The first case of the
morning was a patient of mine. It was a 10 month old a young child who had a small growth on
the side of her left eyebrow that had been growing early
since the age of one month. Back then it was the size of a marble. That case stands out to me because I have a 12 month old at
home and I can imagine the fear of the parents
have their 10 month old just given to the doctors
that they’ve only met and trust them freely to
walk them over to the O.R. – Okay baby girl let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go. – Put him to sleep take care
of the problem and wake him up. We had all hands on deck. (dramatic music) – You always take care with each patient but children are a little
bit more unpredictable. If something does go
wrong it’s a lot sooner you don’t have as much time to react. (dramatic music) – Without the ability to
do any kind of imaging or any pathology or aspiration we were just guessing as what it was. (dramatic music) Everything went well, it went
exactly as we wanted it to. We were able to take this mass out. It didn’t look like it was
anything harmful or dangerous. She’s gonna do fine. (baby crying)
(all talking at once) And that was a very happy case. – So what’s the connection what Belize? Why did you guys choose Belize? – ‘Cause you’re here. – That’s a good enough reason for me. – Okay. – My name is Jason, Jason Williams. I came in because I got
this huge mass on my neck which actually caused
the thyroid to not work. You better not faint you
supposed to be my strength. Okay well then you
better hold it together. It turned out to be a little
bit more than what I expected. The healthcare system is
dramatically different. We don’t have here the
technologies and the medicinary that is available in the U.S. We don’t have the multitude
of doctors and nurses and treatment care facilities
that are available in the U.S. It’s a good thing to
have a place like Osborne to come to Belize and offer these services to other countries because
there are many people who have been suffering
afflictions and an infliction for quite some time and without treatment and without having a source of income great enough to be able to
sustain such treatments. So for you guys to come down and do this it’s an amazing thing because as I said we don’t have the technology, we don’t have the medicines,
we don’t have the doctors. The country is great and
tries it’s very best however we’re not as developed as
you guys may be in the U.S. (contemplative music) – We’re working 18 to 20 hours days. (dramatic music) – One of the most
bizarre or exciting cases depending on how you want to look at it. – We had a patient who was homeless. – [Jason] Patient had a
large thyroglossal duct cyst. – Benign in nature and his had
gotten so large that it was actually restricting his
ability to move his head. – That was definitely a case we we’re gonna take to operating room. – Lo and behold we can’t put him to sleep because he has a medical problem. – The choices at that point we’re doing it under local anesthesia
or we have to cancel. – Imagine being awake and
have somebody operating on your throat it’s pretty
crazy to think about. – I’m not really used to locking eyes with my patient while I’m in their neck. We were talking about putting you under. – Yeah like we had said. – We’re really just numbing the area here. Now when you start talking about doing the surgery with him awake
he was completely against it. He was freaking out. – So you’re going to put me asleep assume. – No we can’t do that. You don’t look good for that. I am trying to tell him
putting you to sleep could be putting you
to sleep indefinitely. Not if you were asleep. This thing you would
sleep for a long time. We’re gonna give you medicine
that’s gonna make you drowsy. And you may not remember
any of the procedure. But you may remember some. It’s that okay with you? You’re sure that’s okay? We can do that. That was a huge challenge because we knew he was gonna be
uncomfortable from the very start. And this was a big tumor. – We’re in for a real case here. (dramatic music) – We’re working a moving target. This was a little like trying to time the movement of the throat
when you make your move. (dramatic music) Where I could have taken
this thing out whole it’s just not gonna be feasible so we’re gonna have to
decompress this thing. (dramatic music) – [Reena] You did it. – [Michael] So how you feel
after your surgery now? – I feel pretty good. – [Michael] Like nothing happened. – I felt a little sting
but not much though. – [Michael] So what are you gonna do now that you’re new man? You gonna go on a date? Yeah how many dates you got lined up? Three dates or five? – Yeah five of them. – I’m very excited today’s
happy Friday, day number five. Finally made it but it’s only 8:30. Starting to sweat. It’s pretty hot. I work in the lab, I
work with the instruments that are behind me and everything. Packing up the instruments for procedures you gotta be on top of everything because we have nonstop procedures here. And just gotta keep going. – One of the most important
things of this week to me was a particular child that was brought in by his parents who came in and it was apparent to me
he had an obstructed airway. And in fact on examination
this child was very ill. Not only did he have a
lot of discolored drainage coming out of the one nostril
which we have been taught it’s very important to
rule out a foreign body but the child could also not breathe because he had obstructed the tonsils. I immediately went and
drew up some cortisone, gave him an injection of cortisone, and went looking for Dr. Osborne because it was important for me to have him evaluated and operated on. (dramatic music) – You ready, ready? (dramatic music) – Dr. Osborne had taken
out both of the tonsils and he was also taking
a look at his adenoids. And he was like I see something. – They found a foreign body
namely a marble sitting there. Had we not operated on this child hey he may have died from
his obstructed tonsils but furthermore had this
marble become dislodged and fixed itself in his airway he could have asphyxiated and died. In my mind we saved a life. And that’s what was very
important to me during this trip. – How often do you hear that a patient has a beetle in their ear? (dramatic music) – There it is. It’s an ugly little… – After scoping me thoroughly
Dr. Osborne clearly declared. – Most likely what you’re
dealing with is a lymphoma. – And he wouldn’t be able
to operate to cut the mass because it would grow
back and spread to cancer. When I first found out
it was heartbreaking. It was like my world came crashing down. It’s a lot to take in. I came in for one thing
and I mean obviously you expect to get what you come for. And what I got was definitely
not what I came for but at the same time it’s
brought me one step closer to saving in my own life by him being able to catch that as quickly as he did. – I have this cyst on my nose. It wouldn’t go away, it just keep growing. It was so big and when
I came I meet you guys. I’m very very thankful and grateful for these operations and I also know that some of these operations
that you guys are doing are very expensive here in Belize. And for us here in Belize
you know most of us don’t even have a job or if we do it’s just from hand to mouth and these really help poor people like us that are struggling in life. I’m a single mother with
three kids, no husband. He passed away six years ago. So it’s like really a blessing for us. – My name is DeRusha Arnhem and this is my child Alicia McCauley
and I just wanna say thank you to Osborne
Head and Neck Institute. I must say that I am super
satisfied with the work they have done on my child Alicia. She had a mass growth on her neck which I was very concerned about. And thanks to them they
remove it free of cost which was gonna cost me a lot of money here in Belize to get it done. – Compared to the United States it’s, it is very different the people don’t have the resources that we have. – So there was one patient that was probably my favorite patient. She was a little girl. She was probably about 11, 12 years old. And she was coming in because
she had hearing problems so she was having trouble
hearing at school. – When we looked inside of her ears it looked like she just
had a chronic infection. And she needed to get tubes in her ears in order to drain out the fluid
so that she can hear better. We had a couple emergency cases. One of the operating rooms
was taken over by the O.B. guy because there were a few C sections that needed to be done that day. We had to basically
cancel one of the cases. And the case that we ended up canceling was this young girl’s case. And we gave her some options. You know you can either go
home, try some antibiotics, try some medications, decongestants or we can try to do the
operation in the clinic. This girl was so brave that
she said that she was gonna be okay with having this done in the clinic. She wanted to hear so badly that she was totally fine with us doing this pretty invasive procedure in the office. And it just demonstrated
again the difference between the patient’s we see here in the U.S. versus the patients we see when we go over to these developing countries. – Josie came to see me
on Monday in the clinic and she has a nasal
obstruction so we’re gonna do septal and probe but she had a kind of an interesting history and
then her mom said that at night she would wake up and it was explained that she really thought that
she that was having seizures because she really started to shake. She’s been to Guatemala. She’s had a work up in Guatemala. They said she did not
have any kind of epilepsy but nobody really knew what it was. (dramatic music) – And when she woke up
she woke up really crazy. She was kicking, screaming. This is not, this is crazy. (dramatic music) So all of us had to come
in and like hold her down. (dramatic music) You know it went on for
about 10, 15 minutes or so. (contemplative music) They have something to give to you. – Oh okay yeah sure. – It’s a tradition from
the Mayan community that if somebody do you a great favor you give them something to remember. So this is a tradition
it’s made in Belize. It’s Mayan jewelry, a little box. And a little bobble made of Belizian wood. – Wow that’s a great honor. Thank you so much. – Thank you very much it’s
from my people to you. – I appreciate that, thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will definitely, I’m gonna share this with the whole team. At dinner tonight I’m
gonna show them this. Thank you, thank you
– Thank you very much. – You’re very welcome,
you’re very welcome. You can’t not want to help right? I mean they’re very nice
people, very grateful. – I saw a patient she had a skin cancer of the corner of her eye. (dramatic music) – She needed a big surgery. She needed us to remove the
skin cancer in its entirety. (dramatic music) What we had to do was remove
a big chunk of healthy tissue as well to make sure that
this doesn’t come back. We ended up with constructing
a little forehead flap which is taking tissues and forehead and tucking it under
and closing the defect. (dramatic music) (calm music) – Well this is what I’ve noticed. The people of Belize
are beautifully diverse and they’re unified in their love for their country and their fellow Belizeans. The medical staff and the administrators of the Western Regional Medical Center, they joined forces with OHNI to bring quality care to the citizens of Belmopan. Well today is our fifth day in a row working 18 to 20 hour days and I told the team we’re gonna stop a little bit early today. We’ll stop at 10:00 p.m. so they can get a decent meal and some rest. But there was a lady and
she was waiting all day. She was on a standby
hoping they’d have time to do her surgery unfortunately
we ran out of time. And as I went to tell her
I just couldn’t ask my team to do any more today
James says hey Doctor O we’re doing that last case right? And I said hey man does the team really have any more gas in the tank? And he said absolutely. And that’s why I love this team. They simply restore my
faith in humanity every day. (inspirational music) How are you feeling? You okay? (mumbling) Can you hear me? All done. (dramatic music) Well that’s it. It’s time to go home. We gave Belize all that we had I’d say. We’re finished her but
we’ll never be done. (dramatic music) (contemplative music)

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