Become a Chelsea Pensioner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea

They say the Royal Hospital Chelsea
is the second best home in the land the first being Buckingham Palace of course. As a serviceman, I think I had a good time overall nine years as a regular soldier Parachuting, went to different places all around the world with the Army. Life was, in all, good. After mum died he kept really busy and doing as much as he possibly could but wanted to spend, you know, spend his time with
people that understood how he felt. Once I lost my good wife your friends seem to dwindle. Then you realise you’re alone. when you close that door at night you’re
alone whereas when you become a Chelsea Pensioner you’re not alone The enjoyment really of this place; after myself doing 34 years in the Army, is the camaraderie, the banter and a laugh a minute. The Royal Hospital Chelsea take anyone,
anywhere in the UK, as long as they’ve served in the British Army. To apply to be a Chelsea Pensioner you need to go online on the Royal Hospital Chelsea
website get in touch with our admissions officer and request for a pack. When
the pack arrives fill it in, send it back to the admissions officer and we’ll
get back to you as soon as possible. Once the application pack has been
submitted, if the applicant is successful the applicant will be invited to a
four-day stay. Now on that four-day stay there’ll be a number of interviews and
we’ll assess whether the applicants is ready to join the Royal Hospital Chelsea. A phone call, after I’ve applied by writing, I’ve got a phone call to ask if I was
still interested and then I was offered by letter I’d like to come in for four
days to see the place if it’s still in my mind to become a pensioner. I came in here for my four-day visit and I met some colleagues straightaway that had
the same background as me. Airborne soldiers, other “tick-tocks” as we used to call them, Guardsmen and they made me really welcome and I thought there’s no
other place to go, everything’s here for me. When a Pensioner arrives at number 3
company, myself as the captain will take the Pensioner for a coffee in the
coffee shop to get to know them as a person, not a soldier, but a person and
get to know their interests. Activities will range from crafts, pottery. The Pensioners from 65 year old to 99 year olds will use the gym to keep themselves
active. They can they can play bowls, singing events within the MTI,
and they get involved. We can actually get involved in things that’s going to benefit others in the hospital. I feel that they’re my brothers and if my
brother’s feeling a little bit low why should can’t we sit down and have a cup
of coffee together or a tea together? Although the Royal Hospital is in
Chelsea we’ve got ‘Scousers’, ‘Geordies’, Makems’, ‘Cockneys’ and that adds a bit of banter and it’s a really great place to
be because of that. You’ve got medical cover, fantastic doctor you’ve got a chiropodist. We are really lucky we’ve got our own room but our own washroom;
wet room as they call it nowadays, we’ve got our own little studio, plenty of room –
you can swing two cats around never mind one. It’s more than a home from home,
once you’re into your place it’s yours. And the food, well no wonder I’ll put on
a stone since I’ve been in. Hogwarts as my little grandson calls it. When a Chelsea Pensioner puts on the
Scarlet uniform, they grow six inches and they get a spring in their step and they
then represent; they are an ambassador of the British Army. He was a brilliant dad, he’s a brilliant dad. A fantastic childhood we had. Don’t, you’ll start me off. My sisters and I had a fantastic childhood. We’re really really lucky. He’s definitely happier much happier than he was before. We feel like we’ve got our dad back.
you know his enthusiasm his zest for life. His get up and go, it’s back. I’ll give you the 20-quid later. you

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  1. I'm proud to say that my Late Grandfather was a Chelsea Pensioner, he served his Country like everyone else did during England's Darkest hour . Sometimes My Late Grandmother didn't know if he was dead or alive . His name was Walter Dixon born in Sheffield. Died in Chelsea Pensioners, His ashes are interned in the soil of the Chelsea Pensioners Grave yard .

  2. Dear Sir Madam , Thank you for looking after my Late Grandfather he didn't want to die alone . He died with Dignity with fellow Veterans.

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