Becker’s HIT + RCM Healthcare Conference – 2019 | Chicago | ENSEMBLE

(upbeat music) – Hey, Kennon Askew with
Ensemble Health Partners. We’re here at Becker’s, booth 1201, we have an action-packed day
in the morning on Thursday. First we have our CEO
Judson Ivy speaking at 9:45, you’re not gonna wanna miss it. Judson’s talking about the best ideas to improve revenue cycle now. Make sure you stop by the booth to get your Ensemble Revenue Cycle shirt. We’re also giving away
Garrett’s Chicago popcorn. – Hey y’all, this week at Becker’s our revenue rescue mission
is to help providers do the best that they can
with denials avoidance and denials management. Come on down to the
Ensemble Healthcare booth and we’ll tell you all the best practices that we’re using at
Ensemble to do just that. We’ll see you at the booth.

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