[ Beauty Story ] ដក់ខ្មៅ ជ្រួញក្រោមភ្នែក និង វិធីព្យាបាល BY DR.ERIC

Hello everyone, welcome to sberk channel Today I will talk about the black under the eyes and the bulging under the eyes and the right treatment we don’t like it cause it make us look so older and look sleepy all the time even we dont we dont feel confident and of cause we are not look beautiful with all those eye problems Because under-eye skin is very sensitive, you have to be careful when choosing products that apply lightweight to the area. If we do not do so, the problem will be exacerbated There are 4 possible causes of these problems First, sleep deprivation leads to dehydration from cells It is eye-catching and especially for those who like to eat salty The salt extracts the fluid when we eat the salt and pulls water from the area under the eye first Secondly, children or older people are the most common Is from a genetic problem Third, from diseases like nasal congestion, seriously flu…etc So we need to know exactly why before choosing any treatment And bottom line is the age problem, when we lose the production of collagen Imbalance of bone fat production and HA We need to start by finding out why and there may be 2 to 3 reasons for one person Second, you should sleep on a pillow because it elevates the head above the legs, leading to better circulation to nourish the skin cells. Third, apply an anti-inflammatory tea under the eyes. It helps against inflammation Fourth, the use of HA-Eye Mask it can stimulates new cell formation and keep the area stay hydrate Fifth use Eye serum, which contains vitamin E, which helps fight inflammation and eliminate aging In particular, it helps the small blood vessels to flow properly to carry the nutrients to the eye cells Sixth use tapicals containing arbutine caffeine green tea kojic acid aha soy niacinamide ascorbic acid hydroquinone 2% … etc but we can use it for short term treatment purpose only Lastly, we can take anti allergy medical if the causes are found and prescribe treatment by a doctor. If at my clinic we recommend you 7 services Firstly, the injection of HA Filler under the eye is effective immediately, without stopping work, it promotes collagen production on the spot. It is the choice that our customers are most satisfied with and best sell service too I also had a filler under the eye, injected over a year ago, now shedding a little bit, so it’s either longer or faster due to our care. Secondly, fat transfer by the fat filler from other parts of the body, but it is heavier than the fat on the face, it has a chance to lose it is not popular anymore. The third is dermabrassion, using an old cell extractor that stimulates the formation of young cells, commonly called babyskin. The fourth is picolaser, popular in the USA and korea, using a variety of different energy sources from the forehead to the cheekbone We select from 1064 to 755 under the eye with carbon or not, generally reddish 2 to 4 hours and disappear the next day. Fifth fractional laser, it’s like Pico laser, which is more painful by the same method, but popular anymore for nowsdays Sixth, RF machines using the same stimulants that are also no longer popular , are used by Thai doctors in some clinics some area The RF FRACTIONAL PICOLASER is similar in nature to just different on doctor favor The last one is Barbie Peel by use AHA or BHA acid Peeling under the eye area It can peel off old skin cell and stimulate the new production of young cell in just 5 to 7 days So now you got all 7 services which have used by clinic or beauty hospital for long time ago but you need a clear discussion with your doctor before choosing to get any of those services so today topic relate to dark circle and eye bag is finish and i hope you guy learn a little bit more about that you can always consult with us at DRPROFESSIONAL CLINIC Thanks you for your time and see you at our next video….I am doctor sem ratana goodbye

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