Bean 2 and the Evolution of Maine Medical Center

[music]>>JEFF SANDERS: We have the ability to take
care of the patient care needs today. This project will allow us to enhance that capability
and put us on a better foundation and footing for the next many years. [music]>>MARTY REIHLE: I’ve spent a lot of my years in the OR. I started out as a tech. I actually did have the benefit of opening this OR thirty
years ago. I guess it’s dating me. So, is this number two today?>>NURSE: Three.>>MARTY: Wow. You guys don’t mess around.>>DR. BRAD CUSHING: Our operations now a days aren’t just a scalpel and a Kelly clamp like it used to be.>>JEFF: Maine Medical Center has a large
inpatient surgery program, about 13,000 a year. The Bean 2 project really helps support
our clinical mission. It meets the immediate need for providing surgical care that’s needed
for our community.>>DR. CUSHING: It’ll enable us to do more
advanced surgery and employ more technology.>>MARTY: With the new cardiac hybrid OR,
we’ll be able to do even more procedures.>>DR. BUD KELLETT: We’ve moved from an era
where surgeons are working in operating rooms and cardiologists are working in cath labs
to an era where we’re going to be doing combined procedures, working together with our two
teams in the same space where we have both an operating room environment and a cath lab
environment. And that’s the future of cardiovascular care.>>DR. CUSHING: It’ll also enable us to get
neurosciences and neurosurgery in one location.>>WALTER POCHEBIT : Instead of looking at a one-dimensional drawing, we went down to one of our warehouses and built out an actual
room. We put in patient beds, equipment, lighting overhead. At any given time, we had maybe
fifty OR folks in there, nurses, physicians, and support staff, down there with our design
team.>>MARTY: The architects redesigned the rooms
based on their recommendations.>>WALTER: It’s important to have that staff
input. They’re who we are.>>MARTY: This is really exciting. This is
what we’ve all wanted. We’re probably adding 60 precent more PACU
beds, which will make a big difference for us. It’ll be a better place for staff to work,
more open, and much better for our patients and families. So, it won’t just benefit Bean 2, it will
also benefit the main OR because there will be more space for everything. YES! They’re already proud of the work they do.
They’re just going to grin from ear to ear. They’re going to say “wow. It works!”>>JEFF: I think very similar to what we say
today with the East Tower, with the helipad, with the additional parking we’ve added here
on this campus. [helicopter noise]>>JEFF: Five years from now, they’ll say
“how could we have lived without it.>>DR. CUSHING: I’ve been working with surgeons
for a long time. They’re going to walk in to our new operating rooms and they’re going
to go “this is more like it. ‘Bout time. Now, let’s go.” [music]

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