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you davia lukovitch ichika i should be BSL kanokon her director for shot for bound lane for booty area yet rebel the moment scared into king or Signori yes on habra young Lorcan colors for Lyme disease men optically thought the hora de veteranos no fire at minetta care for fiscal are no remaining so hopefully the first name / success shape on the con la everybody i lost my or shocking TV plug the Gulen selfie cater newsman Man people share leg not very quick on your end bahamas notice of installment of Enoch old with risk so we on the father to be reflected on the every a fake email ya money i will keep polar so before i start to come on over hydrangea can forbear significant not indiscreet on children what is a fully again or still on this forum Lyme disease I I’m a doctor at this clinic pcl clinic and I try to help people who has been suffering from I which sometimes tricky tricky business line diseases so Lyme disease is a bacterial infection and poor area or caused by bacteria per area which are transmitted by tick in most cases it can be very transmitted by a sexual contact or sometimes from mother to child my realm with a transfusion or organ transplantation and it’s an infectious disease and it’s it fits it fits causes problems it can equal imitates many other many other illnesses or many other conditions so that’s what makes it difficult to diagnose do you want to treat Lyme disease to treat mainly mainly live mainly Lyme disease of course if there is if there is anything connected to the whole process of being being seat it’s possible to treat it as well mainly line my country we talk most about various lands in outer a terrace of this Oh exactly exactly rarely around a dick transmits only one type of bacteria they usually transmits different types of bacteria like but easier bartonella chlamydia rikiya those we call co-infections you have many different patients coming to can you tell me which countries actually from the whole the whole world Irish people British people even Australian people but mainly mainly european people’s surrounding countries from countries Eastern Eastern Europe countries but oh no no is coming out their countries as well norway swedish people origin people in order you don’t get any help if you have Lyme disease do you think about that but soon I don’t know what I have to travel down here together mmm yeah I know it’s difficult the situation in Norway actually surrounding countries as well I in the Czech Republic to move and many patients have to travel to get to get proper diagnosis and treatment how long do you have to treat the person oh it depends it depends it’s very individual and depends on if we decide to start with antibiotic treatment on how about it man but usually it takes a month months to get better but always always all of base its own it’s a comprehensive treatment it’s not based only on antibiotics or how horrible capsules it’s always many things around which together needs to find a fine one goal I’m improvement so if it is important to combine exactly exactly it’s very important know how the patient leaves what would he eat what they eat generally have their lifestyle and their ability to work or to handle stress and though this everything is very important and it plays very important role the whole process it’s important to ponder you might do some antibiotics with 20 mins hurts exactly exactly so it’s very important over this period of treatment it’s important to support immune system by using some vitamins food supplements and helps to support it XD toxa fication to help digestion the combination is very important so you trick you we have to use antibiotics idiot in many cases in many cases this appears to be the only way of course there are some patient who don’t want to take antibiotics so in those cases we start with herbal treatment it works as well without antibiotic so different patient different different treatment strategy do you think that lung diseases on door no disease is many people that look at question good question yeah i think it’s it’s normal disease it’s quite it’s quite seem quite often but the question is if someone if someone suffers from or if someone has problems or or someone doesn’t because many people had defied many people got good for alia bacteria but they don’t have problems they didn’t have positive what results because there was interaction between new system and bacteria and this interaction we would see in positive lab result but they don’t have problems and others have this is this this is also big question of what won’t the cause that some don’t have problems and some have what’s what’s behind what’s cause is what causes that the balance is broken since this is very important point so what kind of symptoms okay so line can cause huge picture of symptoms but the most common tiredness joint pain muscle pain muscle weakness difficulty coping cognitive problems or memory problems sleeping problems digestive problems so it can occur limits many other know very well known medical conditions and it makes it difficult to diagnose because I got another dyno see more when the doctor told me that she couldn’t do anything tell me I saw music dress on my life it happens quite often I think that many more people have my disease clean saved as it is under eyes either under diagnosed or or diagnosed in wrong-way not correctly diagnose you you to have an absolution what doctors will do to get more learning from exactly mmm to solve this problem yeah it’s it’s difficult I i would say for us it means much more studies more research to in to develop better tests which were which will be more specific and this this topic is difficult because of ability of boreal Borrelia bacteria at the beginning at the beginning they enter body as in a spiral it’ll form and if there is stress or kind of fight against them by stronger immune system or antibiotic treatment they can they can create cystic forms and hide themselves from the new system from antibiotic treatment and and it makes it makes the ability for them to to test them even more difficult so oldest we are using our intellect tests we don’t s directly like bacteria we test the actually test mmm interaction between immune system and infections and it’s it’s always brings us some let’s say gray grey gapes we don’t know if it’s false e+ or false in the gut so it’s never it’s never a 100-person specific to flip click on all the cat logisys from nixle could be other yeah good question good question a theoretically it can be transmitted by by all inside blood sucking insects mosquito and other other insect which it sucks a lot I need to know in mosquitoes in ticks it’s known the others are discards so unfortunately all symptoms which are caused either by a body his ear of our to lava or lie are very overlapping and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish which bacteria because is on the board of course if lab results are positive for Bobby Z Roberto not at this point it’s quite easy to make a diagonal but in many cases those those particular bacteria are are usually negative so it’s difficult to prove them or to test them by a laboratory test so the only thing we can we can rely on is our symptoms and development in symptoms during during a drink antibiotic treatment hard during the whole treatment I usually some symptoms get get better or disappear and some get some get worse and on those we have to focus and adjust treatment according to according to it and typical symptoms for bartonella arm behavior problems so let’s say kind of psychiatric problems cognitive problems bartonella can cause live in a leaf nodes were swollen and what else night sweats it can cause partner but easy a night sweats Davis with chills mmm kind of first if symptoms like difficulty breathing compressed press in your chest it can belongs to be easier but as I said although symptoms serkan because by line all of them are very overlapping what about headaches and sore eyes not a roofie mm-hmm here exactly exactly it’s it belongs to number two nella yeah they behind eyeballs on the burning pain in somebody’s feet it’s me it’s it’s thought that it should belong to bartonella people are going to watch this video finished perhaps house viruses are not sure about animals symptoms what do you recommend yes idea to where to find a doctor with at least a bit experience in this topic to to give them give them good advice and offer them proper tests to to do them and based on a lab test results and based on their symptoms to find out if it’s if it’s lime or something else but if you have love you sis will always see them in bottle too sometimes you can’t see it hmm if all the tests are negative if this all on this note means that you don’t have lie so negative test is not able to rule out Lyme disease of course positive tests if hopefully it’s not it’s not foresee positive it can it should prove line or it should be it makes its it makes the it makes it stronger and this that it should be line but if it’s negative it’s not it’s not possible to roll it out what kind of tests to take we usually do usually to so-called serology or to glue two types of tests a logic test which is western blot or blood line test and the lime spot test which is different type of test it doesn’t measure let’s say product of immune system like so what’d you just do it measures the activity of lymphocytes I get certain certain infections so it’s more specific and using this test we can measure the actual activity of in your system against against against line of the person’s of the coming of Atlantis’s been a lot gets better or personal success ratios success ratio I would say is around sixty percent in sixty percent of patients we can reach the level that they feel let’s say free of all symptoms they can do what they would date it before they get they got sick in in the others in those forty percent it’s quite difficult to be tried to use different different treatment strategies different approaches or try to look for something else which would possibly cause basis problems you

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