B&B Thursday, September 5: BETH Suddenly Taken ToThe Hospital, Hope&Liam Are Praying For Her Health.

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Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, September 5: Beth Has A Health Scare, Forresters
And Logans Pray For A Miracle The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers
tease that a crisis is about to hit the scene and it will leave the Spencers, Forresters,
and Logans praying for a miracle. All the families will come together as they wait for
news on Beth’s condition. According to social media buzz, Hope Logan
(Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) will rush Beth to the hospital after she gets
ill. They aren’t sure what’s wrong and the spoilers claim it might be serious. Here’s what you need to know about what’s
ahead on B&B. Bold & The Beautiful Spoilers – Beth Logan’s
Health Scare Liam and Hope are on top of the world right
now that they’ve been reunited with Beth. B&B spoilers state they feel like nothing
can bring them down. Well, that was until Beth started having some really scary symptoms. They will rush her to the hospital, and she
will be admitted for more testing. Their worst fears are confirmed when the doctor tells
them that he isn’t sure what is wrong. They are still searching for answers. Not knowing what to do, Hope calls her mother,
Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) to come up and support them as they wait for answers. B&B Spoilers – Forresters and Logans Support
Beth Logan As they wait for news, the families gather
in the waiting room while the doctors run tests on the infant. The Bold and the Beautiful
spoilers say that the Forresters and Logans will put their differences aside to be there
for Hope and Liam. The spoilers suggested that Thomas Forrester
(Matthew Atkinson) will be there to support Hope. That seems to imply that the two will
be on better terms than they are currently. It looks like there are some great episodes
ahead on B&B. Since these episodes were taped a few days ago, one can expect this to come
up during the November sweeps. B&B tapes four to five weeks in advance. The real question is, will Hope end up following
through with her annulment to Thomas? Or will he find a way to reel her back in? And, what
is wrong with Beth? Like and subscribe to my channel to update
the latest videos of The Bold and the Beautiful Thanks you for watching.

14 thoughts on “B&B Thursday, September 5: BETH Suddenly Taken ToThe Hospital, Hope&Liam Are Praying For Her Health.

  1. I hope that Thomas does not think he can find his way to Hope when it is Hope's child and Liam.
    Thomas should be on his way to jail for killing Emma.

  2. This is the 5th of Sept and there is no mention of this spoiler at all . This is not mention clear up to the 16th so why are you saying that
    This is a fake spoiler Good bye

  3. Please don't let nothing seriously wrong with Beth let them people live a life why the baby and I do not think hope going to be reel back in to Thomas not after all Thomas have done no so let Liam and hope enjoyed a baby like everyone else have done please

  4. Why can't they leave Liam and hope and Beth. For ever and ever. So sad. I love hope, leam, BETH. Thomas needs to be in prison.

  5. This is how they find out Kelly is awesome bills kid 💜♥️ not Liam's 💝🌷 but it's really stupid how this show keeps switching baby's on the show it's not the same kid and that s annoying 💯 leave hope ♥️ and Liam ♥️ and baby Beth live in peace 🙏 together for once 💜💛💚💚💙❤️💙❤️ get Thomas out of their lives all together 💯

  6. If hope 💜♥️ forgives evil Thomas she will regret it 💯and let beth 💙 💕 be 💯 healthy because my son had acute leukemia 5 years of chemo treatment s ect pure torture 💔 💯 💯 I don't wish that on any parents especially Liam ♥️ or hope ♥️💜💛💛💚❤️❤️💚💛💛💙💙💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  7. Jesus, does any English-speaking person follow B&B??! Lol. I can’t understand a word any of these people are saying!

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