BayCare Clinic Minute: What to expect at a dental implant consult

Hello and welcome to the BayCare Clinic
Minute. Today we’re talking about what to expect during a dental implant consult-
Dr. Zent. Well, dental implants, first of all, is an ability to replace a missing
tooth. Essentially starting from the bone up as an individual unit. Most patients
have had some experiences with dentistry. They may have some preconceived ideas of
what their options are. So, our philosophy is more to educate them on
what their true options are on replacing a missing tooth or several missing teeth,
whether it’s due to trauma or any other issue. The dental implant process by at
the end of our consult will be very well understood by the patient. They will
understand all of their options, as well as why dental implants may or may not be
the best choice for them.They will also understand any questions that they have
regarding your insurance coverages and the financial aspects, as well. Ok, great
information. Thank you. That’s our time. We’ll see you
again soon.

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