BayCare Clinic Minute: Summer sports injuries

Hi and welcome to the BayCare Clinic
Minute. Today, we’re discussing summer sports injuries – Dr. Schock. Thank you. So, we’re talking about summer sports injuries today and summer’s the time of
year everybody gets excited for in our part of the country and the weather gets nice,
people get out, get active, and I think it’s important that people
understand how to take care of themselves. We see different types of
injury groups in the summertime than we do in the winter. Oftentimes slip and
falls, bicycle injuries, skateboarding, kids are falling off all kinds of things
this time of year and I think it’s important that people understand if they
have an injury in the summer time that they get evaluated appropriately and
quickly and one of the things that we offer at BayCare Clinic is an
Orthopedic Urgent Care. If someone has an orthopedic injury, they can come in any
weekday between 4 and 8 p.m. in the evening, on the weekends on Saturday
mornings. Come in and get an immediate evaluation from an orthopedic specialist. Ok, that’s great. Thank you. That’s our time, we’ll see you again soon.

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