BayCare Clinic Minute: How is carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosed?

Hello and welcome to the BayCare Clinic
Minute. Today, we’re going to understand exactly how carpal tunnel syndrome is
diagnosed. Dr. Guo. There’s three ways to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome. If
somebody has hand numbness, tingling, and hand fall asleep, or drop an object,
first thing, you need to see the doctor, do an EMG nerve conduction study that will test
your nerve’s signal transmit speed. If they’re slow across the carpal tunnel,
you may have diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. The second, you can use the ultrasound to evaluate the median nerve site to see
if any median nerve swelling. Third, if your EMG and ultrasound are within normal
limits and most likely you need to do a treatment. That’s called the intro carpal
tunnel steroid injection. This is not only for treatment, but also for
diagnostic purpose. If somebody has significant symptom relief after
injection, they may still have a carpal tunnel syndrome. Ok,
great information. Thank you. That’s our time, we’ll see you again soon.

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