BayCare Clinic Minute: Fireworks safety

Hello and welcome to the BayCare Clinic
Minute. Today, we’re discussing firework safety – Dr. Painter. Fireworks are
dangerous, so we need to be careful and make smart choices so we can use them as
safely as possible. In general, children shouldn’t use fireworks. Adults are using
fireworks and consume alcohol. And if you’re watching fireworks, you should
stay at a safe distance so that way we can react if one or two come at us. Even
fireworks that are sometimes seemingly safe can be quite dangerous. For example,
we see a lot of kids using sparklers. Those can cause heat injuries to the eye,
but it can also cause a dangerous chemical burn to the eye. So if you are
to choose to let your kids use even these, we need to be careful. Direct
supervision, eye protection are very important. Some things that might fall
under common sense, do not ignite fireworks within enclosed spaces and
that’s even if it’s raining out. So let’s be safe and be as careful as possible so
that way we can use fireworks without anyone getting injured. Alright, great
information. Thank you. That’s our time, we’ll see you again soon.

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