BAYADAbility Rehab Solutions: Specialized Care. Better Outcomes.

In 1998, I founded BAYADAbility, the very first in-home rehabilitative
nursing program in the country. I created the BAYADAbility program
to better serve clients with injuries such as spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, and chronic illnesses such as ALS and MS. Our BAYADAbility program enables us to provide the same high level of consistent care that people with catastrophic diagnoses most likely received in a hospital
or rehabilitation center. We not only help provide a smooth
and safe transition home, we also work to rehabilitate our clients to their highest functional level possible. Although the extent of a disability from a spinal cord injury can vary,
it is always a life-changing event. And it’s often more than just the
lack of physical ability. There are many complications that go along with such a traumatic injury. One of the most common is a
urinary tract infection, or UTI, a leading cause of rehospitalizations. BAYADAbility can help reduce the frequency of complications that can lead to unnecessary hospital readmissions. The payoff is huge. It preserves the quality of life for our clients and reduces health care
costs for everyone involved— our clients, their families, and the payors.

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