Bassam Helou, MD: Surgicalist at Centennial Medical Center of The Surgical Clinic

I’m Sam Helou. I’m a general surgeon at The Surgical Clinic. I work with Centennial Medical
Center. I grew up here in town – I grew up in Brentwood. I went to school here for
grade school and high school and college and medical school. And then I trained in Augusta,
Georgia. And then I came back here because this is home. I live with my wife and two children
in Brentwood – about five miles from where I grew up. I went into medicine because I
think it’s – I like helping people. It sounds kind of silly but I think all of us at our
core really like to do that. What attracted me to surgery the most is because you get
to help people with your hands. I’m a general surgeon which means I do primarily abdominal
surgery, hernias, gallbladders, colon cancer, things like that. What’s different about my
practice is that there’s no outpatient component to it. I’m an inpatient surgeon. I cover emergencies
and inpatient consults in the hospital and for me, it’s at Centennial. So if you come
to the ER, you get me. Some days it gets really busy, some days I do six, seven, eight surgeries.
Some days are light, I’m doing one or two. So, one of the things that’s sort of frustrating
is that you don’t know – you don’t really know what you’re doing until your day gets
going. But, again, it sort of keeps it fresh – and it keeps it, fun – surgery’s surgery
so fun’s maybe not the word but it keeps it enjoyable. I don’t have a typical day. I think
that’s one of the neat things about what I do. My day starts between 6:30 and 7 and I
come in and I have a list of people that I’ve operated on here in the hospital that I go
see and take care of. If anyone came in the night before, I see them. My favorite thing’s
the time I spend in the operating room. Because that’s, technically speaking, that’s when
you’re doing your job and that’s when you most directly impact people’s lives.

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