Basement and Morgue of Abandoned Hospital | Haunted Clark Airbase Hospital

We’re just entering the old Clark Airbase
Hospital. So we’re currently in the basement, which was also the morgue area. That is a
big drop. That is all the way down. Basically bodies would have been burned in here. Hi guys, thank you for tuning in to Amy’s
Crypt. Tonight I am taking you into the Clark Airbase Hospital. One of the most
haunted places in the Philippines and the whole of Asia. If you haven’t done so
already, go check out my part one video where I explore some of the surrounding
ruins and do a little bit of nighttime investigations. But get ready because
we’re about to head inside one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. We just entered the old Clark Airbase
Hospital. This is an abandoned military hospital and it has so much history. It
was used in both World War Two and the Vietnam War. It’s been occupied by
Japanese military, as well as US, and a lot of patients were treated here and a
lot of people died here, thousands of people. And that is why it’s known as
being one of the, you know, the most haunted places in the Philippines, as
well as Asia. The first thing I want to do here, is I’m just, we’re gonna go to night
vision and we’re gonna call out and see if
there is any spirits around that may want to communicate. All right guys I’m
gonna call out in English and see if there’s any spirits around that may want
to communicate. The reason I’m choosing English was because there was a lot of
US soldiers that were here and they were treated here and that may have died here
too. Hello my name is Amy, are there any spirits around that want to communicate?
If there is, can you please come close and make your presence known? Can you
make a sound for us? We mean you no harm. We would like to
know if there is anybody here though. Are you stuck here? Why do you remain at
the hospital? What was it that brought you here? So I just heard a distant bang and I can
hear a lot of bats or birds in here as well. So I just wanted to throw that out
there. Are you able to come and tell me your
name? I can hear music, listen. Yeah I can
hear like really distant music. Can you tell me where you’re from? Or
anything personal about yourself? Can you tap or make a noise? Okay so I might actually just take you
on a walk around here, this area behind you looks weird in the dark. There’s actually been a lot of
apparition sightings. A lot of people claiming to see apparitions poking out
from behind these pillars in here. And I can tell you, in the dark it definitely
plays mind games with you in here because it is so creepy. And even myself, as we
were walking up to the hospital in the dead of night, I thought I seen
someone in a white shirt sort of walk through some of the pillars. Which was kind of creepy, yet I don’t think anyone was in here. And it was likely just my eyes, but it’s
still very odd. It’s a very strange place in here. All right guys, now that we’ve
done that little experiment I’m gonna take you on a little tour around the
hospital. So we’re currently in the basement, which was also the morgue area and this
is a incinerator. Basically bodies would have been burnt in here. It’s all water. Kitchen. It is very spooky down here. They
say that there’s a lot of apparitions seen down in this area. Watch out for holes on the floor. There’s piles and piles, this is all ash from the volcano eruption. It’s pretty crazy how much
there actually is. Like if you’re down there you can see mountains of it. Thank
you. Wow. this is really underneath. In there
yeah. Second basement. So is this area used for
anything? This is the pipe from the apparatus. So scary.
This is secret, this is the secret swimming pool. Wow I can’t believe that the ash from the volcano is still here as well. It erupted in the early
1990s I think. It just illustrates how much ash there really was that
blanketed this whole place. Alright guys I just pressed record on a ghost tube
session. We’re in the very bottom basement of the old Clark Airbase
Hospital and we’re just gonna walk through and see if there’s any magnetic
fluctuations, maybe we’ll get a word through? We have the ghost dictionary set to
English, there was a lot of US soldiers that were treated at this facility and
likely died here, so we’ll see if anything comes through. What is this? Elevator. Oh my gosh, look up. You can see how tall it goes. Look guys. Okay haven’t seen any odd spikes, or words, is this another shaft the elevator. I don’t know why that is? Is it still low?
It’s still, yeah it’s like consistently low. Maybe it’s something in the walls or something? It could be? Or the floor? I wouldn’t think it’d be sensitive
enough to pick up something in the walls. Go back to the same spot again, see if it happens again. It is lower here for sure.
I reckon it’s just this area maybe. I don’t get any weird vibes here either. Do you want to stop it? Yeah I’ll stop. It’s almost like maybe this was a little
garden at the time. That’s a big drop. We were just down there. So just going underground again to another
lower basement parts, again we’re under the hospital and it is super scary. It is covered in this ash from the volcano
eruption. I can’t believe it. That might be those birds. That sounds, I just do it. Yeah, I can hear them going around us, circling us. There are bats everywhere.
It’s a little bit scary because they’re in the dark and I just feel like they’re
gonna fly into me anytime. We just spotted a frog in here, he lives in the
basement. Probably a nice room to live in for him. So one of the creepy legends about this
place says that anyone who comes inside for the next week will have really intense
and really horrible horrific nightmares. So I don’t think I told that to Jarrad
before he came in. No you didn’t. We might have to just monitor what we’re dreaming
about each night. I’ll keep you guys posted if there’s any weird nightmares or anything. We’re just getting to go up the stairs
to the next level and see a bit more of the hospital. It’s
kind of exciting and creepy because this place doesn’t seem heaps safe to be
walking around. Careful of the hole up here Aims. We just made it up to the next level and
there’s this big hole in the floor. So there’s more of those holes over there. This is the ward right here, yeah, so this
was one of the wards for the patients. You can kinda see rooms where, you know
they would have been kept. Then you can see the tiles on the floor from the
hospital. It’s so crazy to think of people that would have been treated or
injured from World War two and the Vietnam War. I’m sure some of the injuries and that that they were treating were quite gruesome and horrific, Being from war. So we’re just walking
through the wards and this is one of the areas where disembodied voices are heard
and usually they’re expressing pain. So wails and cries. It’s also an area
where people have heard babies crying, which is kind of unsettling and eerie.
I’ve also been told that people can hear kids running around in here, because it
was also used as a pediatric ward. Very creepy! All right guys I’m in one of the
wards here which was largely a pediatric ward and there’s been a lot of
disembodied voices here and former patients supposedly crying out. So I
thought that I would use my spirit box and try and reach out. I’m going to be
reaching out the English, even though we are in the Philippines a lot of US
soldiers were here, so I suspect if there are any spirits here, it’s likely they do
speak English and will understand what I’m asking. Hello my name is Amy, is there anyone around who wants to communicate? If there is anyone here in this room with me can you can forward and say hello or tell me your name? Could you tell me where you’re from? How long were you here for at the
hospital? Are there any children here? Were you injured? Why is it that you were here? Are you a soldier? Can you tell me your name? I just heard a female voice but it was too
faint to make out. Can you come closer and give me a sign
that you’re here? What year were you brought to this hospital? Why are you still here? Did you have children here? How many
children dis you have? Okay thank you. So we didn’t really get
too many response, there there was a few very faint voices that I’ll have to
review in my playbacks, but yeah, not a lot at all, especially compared to the one
we did earlier tonight. It sounded like we had a lot of radio interference
coming through, that one was quite different.
So we’ll see what would pick up in playback. We just walked out on the terrace. Yeah. This looks seriously screwed. This is out in the open night sky so we
can see the moon and everything. It is really spooky when we look back at the
hospital, but kind of standing on maybe the third floor roof. I would say the
terrace area is creepy but it’s a great view though. This floor is seriously messed up
guys, like you can see how deep this has like corroded away and everything’s just
kind of breaking and bending. Here this one looks like a love heart. But this is
crazy up here. These are some big archways, I’m guessing they provide
shelter for something a bit lower? Someone’s little bed here. These footsteps look creepy on the floor. Old caution tape and cockroaches in here, this thing is completely rusted
out and this just makes me even more scared to ride in elevators and these
are the other drops that is a big drop. That is all the way down. We’re not even at the top, we’re maybe like six floors up though. So I still haven’t seen it still a few
more to go. I think these are just more of the wards, this place is absolutely
massive. Alright guys, so we’ve just made it to
the very top, which is basically on the roof. Now just got all this graffitti up here, all sorts on here and we can see a lot of our surroundings.
We’ve got a new Marriott Hotel over here and that’s kind of surrounded by
construction their building a new entertainment precinct there’s also
like a new McDonald’s around here and a theme park, lots of hotels. I’m not sure
if this place is historically protected or it will be around for much longer. I
hope that it is protected, there’s a lot of history here. So it’s really
interesting to tour this place. There is like a tree growing out of the roof up there. No, yeah, there’s like a whole tree just
growing on the very roof of this place. it’s kind of cute. So I’ve just been
told that Lucy was a nine year old kid that was here. And this is just graffittied over here. That’s pretty sad.
So there’s also a helicopter landing pad, right on top of the roof. The soldiers here, because a lot of the
US soldiers from the Vietnam War, who were brought here for treatment, when they
were injured or sick. So I’m guessing that’s how they got dropped in. Right so
my part one video if you watch that you might have seen me do a spirit box
in the morgue, I’ve just made my way to a different one of the hospital’s morgues and we’re gonna go in and see if we can reach out here – this is a spirit box in the hospital’s morgue or morgy as they say here in the old Clark Airbase Hospital. Thank you. Right I feel like we weren’t
really getting much through, there was maybe one voice that sounded like
something but there was nothing distinguishable as a word, so I might
cut this one short now. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope that you have
enjoyed these investigations at the old Clark Airbase Hospital. If you did,
please remember to like, comment, share and subscribe. If you want to do any more
reading on this haunted place or others that I visited head to You
guys can also find me @amyscrypt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and
remember guys, until next time, stay spooky!

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