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welcome back Jeremy tilicho coming back you’re still a brown-noser from our previous game a lot of drugs about this I’m sorry because it’s healing up from when we did the biopsy last time correct I spoke with dr. crowner the surgeon who does our Mohs surgery for us about this lesion on your cheek ear area their temple area and he said that it would cost more to have him do a biopsy and then operate than to have us do a biopsy and the reason that has to be done is because they have to have the biopsy proven diagnosis before they do the full removal thanks for joining us we’re glad that you came to see what we’re going to do to poor Jerry here and most likely this is a squamous cell carcinoma and we are not trying to get it all off today we’re just trying to get a diagnosis if we do get it all off that would be absolutely wonderful but but because of its location chances are we won’t and then he’ll have to do follow up with Mohs surgery to finish it off I am using epinephrine but it’s not getting in the tips of the ear or over here where all the cartilage is so we’re going to be okay with that here’s the shot you feeling burning steam okay because we’re in the area of the regular artery I’m going to draw back before advancing check some more working up good anesthesia here I can see it’s been bleeding in the front you probably had it I leaned a little bit yeah but we do not expect to get the whole thing with this procedure if we do that would be a wonderful event but I do not anticipate it do not promise it but we will check for it I have to go kind of wide because we do want that to be a possible outcome this kind of growth has a route to it now it grows down into the skin leaves into your ear – I just need to put some wounds heal on it but not just yet I want to one get all the hairs out of it to try to get bleeding too slow so one of the ways I’ll do that is by putting pressure where the artery is coming from and you see how that slows it down does it fill up nearly as fast with me putting a finger there to press on the artery so I think what we’ll do in is have you go ahead and try to pour that if you can I know it’s going to be really rough on the camera – we just know that going into it that you made it a wide shot yeah okay yeah that way people can actually see it let me look again okay so when I do that again can you do it yeah I’ll be ready three two one awesome full minute sorry I’m pushes hard oh yes haha no bleeding no bleeding I again I absolutely cannot promise in this circumstance that we got the whole thing we’ll find out we will have it evaluated by the pathologist hey thanks a lot for letting us do that Jerry I will find out the results and we’ll let you know and you’re okay with us putting it on the description of the video on YouTube as long as we notify you first thanks appreciate that there’s a chance small chance I’m going to say it’s like 20% chance I don’t know how you come up with these numbers but right that that we actually got it all and that you won’t have to go on too dr. crowler to get this expensive invasive procedure continued but we’ll find out in this week thank you can I see the piece we came on yes yeah that’s uh show it to you here Wow or if you want to look you can take the cap off one with David’s huge we took a chicken I expected yeah it’s different when you see it other than in a mirror how are you worried right hey guys thanks for watching part in this interruption but I just had to tell you that the results just came in showing that this was a basal cell carcinoma which we can treat by letting it heal and whatever remaining lesions there are when we get them back in a couple months we’ll just hit those with cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen Jerry was really glad to hear this hey I want you to let you know you can get in on special features like pictures of Jerry’s lesion before anybody else at some of our patrons are able to see that I need to thank some of our patrons who helped make this possible Lyndsey Antoine booboo Kitty and Petra Rosenberg Petra we hope you get better soon until next time dr. mark Vaughn telling you to stay good huh

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  1. Fantastic good news!! Congrats Jerry! Really good video, that was quite a chunk you took off his head. Fingers crossed that you got it all 🤞🏻

  2. Wow. I thought you were just going to remove a tiny shaving of it but you really went to town on that thing.

  3. I had a small hole I was born with at that exact place – my mom and aunt has it too – and it got infected and turned into a cyst with tunnels, so had it removed. Idk if that's the case for him as well.

  4. Great news! I bet he's thrilled! I still can't get over how well that wound seal works and I've seen you use it many times now! Thanks for your awesome videos doc!

  5. Dr. Mark you are excellent .Happy for Jerry Looked like a horn when I first saw it. great job.Happy Mother's Day to the moms in your life 🙂

  6. Fantastic news for Jerry 👍🏻 your such a great doctor wish we had more like you here in the uk 🇬🇧

  7. So glad this was an easier, less extensive fix. 🙂 The next live chat you have, would you explain the difference between basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma? Thanks!

  8. great news! However, it does bother me that in order to see other things you do we would have to pay for it. Where does the money go to?

  9. That's great news for Jerry. I'm happy to hear it as well. I was feeling bad for him not knowing how bad the results would be.
    Thank's Doc for all you do.

  10. Thanks so much for subtitling this video. It helps people with hearing impairments like me.

  11. You should send him to the Derm Dr who is across the hall from Kirby's Office. He tries to take care of everything all at once. I just can't think of his name at the moment. My Dad is in his 90's and the guy has taken good care of my Dad's facial Cancers.

  12. Oh so glad to hear the result of the biopsy. I'm sure Jerry are very happy to. And thanks for your comment to me, I feel much better now, and the wound is healing nicely this time around.👍 I pray 🙏 for it to continue to do that. Hugs to you all!

  13. hello !, have red bump on my arm that look like basel cell carcinom,i am 20 old and that is bothers :/ …can i plese sent you picture somewhere so you can look at it,and give me your advice! thanks

  14. This cancer is not so harmless as DRs say. I had it on my scalp and it was treated with radiation because it was extensive. It then moved to a spot behind my ear, and from there it went to my limf nodes in my neck. I had a radical neck block surgery to have them removed. And now it is in my lungs. I had radiation and chemotherapy through it all to try and stop it, but nothing has worked yet. What I am trying to say is, even if this is the lesser of the skincancers. Please let your DR treat it before it gets to bad. The smaller the better

  15. I am so glade that it turned out ok for him. It looked so scary. What was wrong with the tip of his nose?????? Keep the great video's coming.

  16. I would just like to say that your video's although can be gross, I was pleasantly surprised to see your professional bed side manner, and I see how your patients respect you. You are actually helping patients with medical, and you do now make light of the situation. I don't see where you are located, but I believe that you are probably not in Canada. We do have a health care system in place here, but it has been years since a medical professional in Canada treated me with care and respect. They usually treat patients as hypochondriac's. Keep up the good work, and I wish I could have you as my medical doctor. Susan Weston

  17. He has other dark marks on his skin, are these being watched for the ABC's at home so he knows to come in if he notices any changes?

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