Bariatrics patient opts for gastric balloon to help lose weight

Six months into it, I definitely have my
eating habits and my portion sizes down. My decision to do Orbera was tough I did
a lot of research on it and I’ve just come to a point in my life where I’ve
gained a lot of weight over the past six to seven years and wasn’t able to get it
off. I’ve tried every other fad diet there is and just I think with my work
life, my school life, and my life with my children,
exercising and things like that weren’t happening. So, I did a little research on
it and determined that I wanted to go that route. At first I didn’t tell
anybody. So, I started talking to my mom and others and and just even even
friends and co-workers and just my experience with it and I think the
reason I didn’t tell anybody originally is– I guess I was scared that they would
think it was more of a cosmetic, rather than a tool, but going through this
process it’s definitely a tool. I’m running now. I’m exercising. My food
habits have changed dramatically. So, I try to run at least a mile to get my day
started because I find once I get home in the afternoon something happens
or I start home work or dinner and then the likelihood of it happening doesn’t.
So I’ve changed I guess my thought processes about it.
Just go ahead and start it in the mornings that way it doesn’t get forgotten.
And I love being outside so the running for me is good. Nice, fresh air and
therapeutic. So, the program’s been great, which i think is one of the reasons I’ve
done so well. Dr. Follwell meets you. I have had my procedure with him have a follow up
afterwards. Then, I see Elizabeth. She’s a
nutritionist. So, I saw her before the procedure and she kind of helped me make
my decision. I think after talking to her she made it
very obtainable for me. After seeing like my portion sizes and what I can eat. I
see her for a full year, once a month. So after the balloon comes out I still
continue to see her. So, for me having that time with her and having to be
accountable for someone and having to get a scale– on a scale for someone
once a month I think has helped me and I think it’ll help me even more when it
comes out. I think it’s a great tool and I encourage others to try it.
I think have the consult with Dr. Follwell, meet with Elizabeth for the nutritionist
and just try to find some of those support groups or some of those groups
that are talking about it and certainly if you know anyone that’s had it talk to
them. Everyone’s experience is a little bit different. Like I said, I’ve had a
really, really good experience and I think the team that we have here is
great and I think the follow-up and care that they’re giving is great.
They’ve all been wonderful. Everyone’s been supportive and I’ve not had nothing
but kind words.

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