Barbie Kid Doll Goes To The Barbie Hospital Part 2 by DisneyCarToys Kids Toys

Oh Kristoff Jr. you are in big big trouble
I leave you at the park to watch your sister and your cousins and now Alex is in the hospital.
Oh mom I didn’t mean for it to happen I just laid down for a little nap and then all of
a sudden Alex fell out of a tree and stuff. Well U don’t think I could trust you o even babysit
again. Yes. Wait what was that? I mean aw man. I hope Alex gets better, I made him a card
because I really care about him. I am making l Alex this cute little heart card because he
is my favorite cousin. Favorite cousin? I thought I was your favorite cousin? Uh uh no comment.
I just hope that the doctor will come to the waiting room soon I have no idea what is wrong
with Alex. I don’t know his condition or even who is doctor is. Oh Aunty Elsa I thought
you knew his doctor is Barbie. WHAT his doctor is Barbie, oh no uh uh she is not a
medical professional. Okay Alex now I’ve just got to check your heart beat I think the best
place for that is right in between your feet. No Barbie my heart is in my chest not in my feet.
Alex don’t question your doctor when Matel gave me this doctors costume for my Barbie
calendar in 2003 they gave me the right to practice medicine as well. Barbie hands off
son oh Alex I am so sorry Barbie was your doctor. Ow my beautiful face. Oh Alex I am
so sorry you got hurt at the park I will never leave you alone with Kristoff Jr. again and
I will make sure Barbie is never your doctor again too. Ok my bum hurts a little bit too.
Oh your rear end hurts too I know what to do, I think it’s time for doctor mom. Alex just
roll over I’ve got just the thing. Okay mom. Ah mom my butts really cold, what did you do? Well
Alex I think you bruised your behind so I used my Frozen powers to make you some frozen peas,
which should stop the swelling and help your little back end. Aw man this is no fun.
Oh my goodness Alex do you have peas on your behind. Aw this is so embarrassing. Well if
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