Barbie Doll Tommy Doll Goes To The Hospital PART 2 Kids Toys

Previously on the Disney Car Toys channel.>>Oh, look at that. My 12 hour shift is up. I’m gonna leave you in
the hands of the next doctor. They’ll be the ones operating on your son.>>Oh, okay. Well who’s the next doctor on shift then?>>Well I’m not too sure. I’m gonna have to check the schedule.>>Hello!
[LAUGH] Doctor Barbie in the house!>>No!>>Oh Elsa, don’t you worry! Your boy will be in great hands with me. I only had like,
two accidents this week, where like, last week I kind of messed
up like seven times! So I’m doing, like, super good this week. Plus I’ll make sure he looks super
cute in his surgery hospital gown, and I’ll make sure that his hair doesn’t
get messed up in surgery or anything.>>Oh, I just don’t know Barbie, I, I gotta question your skill,
not to be offensive or anything. Skills, I’m, like, oozing with skills. I’ve had like seven hundred
different careers where you’ve just been like one job, a queen. Yeah I’m still concerned though. Dr. Ken is there just any way
you could work longer tonight? Just one more surgery please
can you operate on my son. Oh well I’m sorry. I’ve only had a couple hours of
sleep after a twelve hour shift. You’re gonna have to figure
this out on your own.>>Oh, this is just so unfair.>>Okay,well, I’ve got to go. You two have fun.>>Oh, my tummy really hurts.>>Barbie, have you ever operated on
someone who has appendicitis before? Does it really need to happen right now? Maybe we can wait till tomorrow
when another doctor’s here.>>You know. Honestly, I’ve never really like,
operated on someone before but like, I’m sure it needs to happen now and
it’s probably like super duper easy. I could probably just like,
watch a couple YouTube videos.>>Alex, I’m so sorry you’re sick and
want you to feel better. I, I got you this little
George piggy from the hospital gift shop and I hope it cheers you up.>>Thank you, Felicia. I love the George pig. It makes me feel a little better.>>Okay, well,
we better start the surgery soon. I just gotta do some research like. Google some YouTube videos on,
like, appendicitis or, like, how to remove that little thingy from his
intestines or stomach or whatever it is. And, hopefully they have a lot
of pictures too, cuz, like, I don’t like reading that much. Anyway, gotta, gotta Google.>>Alex,
I just really want you to get better. I miss playing with you and,
and you’re my twin brother. I can’t, I can’t play with you, you.>>Oh, Alex, my little baby, don’t worry,
I won’t let Barbie operate on you. [SOUND] Oh, I love you.>>But Mom, what are we going to do? We need another doctor.>>Oh, I just need some kind
of hero to come down and save us, to save poor little Alex. [SOUND].
>>La da dee da da da da da. Hello citizens Mike the merman here. I’m here to help you with
my powers of the ocean. Oh Mike the Merman,
thank goodness you’re here. My son Alex is super sick, and
he needs his appendix removed right away. But the only doctor on staff is Barbie.>>Oh my,
having Barbie operate on your son? Oh, we can’t have that, that would be
worse than being married to Ursula.>>Oh, Mike the Merman, I am so scared. You don’t happen to be a doctor, are you?>>Well, I don’t necessarily have
a PHD in medicine, but I do have. Magical powers of the Ocean. [SOUND]. Oh, sorry, I got a little excited. Anyways, I can use my powers of
the ocean to remove your son’s appendix.>>Oh my, yes, I’ll take anything. Please, yes. Use your powers on my son.>>Wonderful. All right,
now let’s take a look at the little one. All right wee little Alex
will you like me to use my magical powers to remove appendix.>>Yes use your especial powers fish man.>>La da de la da da nah
nah nah nah nah nah. Here you are, my boy. Your appendix is removed from your body,
no longer poisoning you. See, it’s right here in my hand. Isn’t it so cute looking. I removed it all with magic, no scarring.>>Yeah, yeah, I feel so much better. Thank you.>>Oh Mike, Mike, Mike. You did it. You fixed Alex, oh I can’t. I don’t know how to repay you. Oh I’m so happy, I’m so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.>>Okay, okay. Enough hugging now. I just got my cape steam cleaned.>>Oh.
Sorry, sorry. I just got a little excited. You know?
>>Yeah Alex, I’m so glad you’re better.>>Yeah, me, too.>>Well, I better get on my way now. There’s always more people to.>>Oh, hey guys, I’m back,
and I’m ready to operate. I watched some YouTube videos,
and I think I know what to do. I couldn’t find, like, a scalpel, but
I found this thing, and it seems, like, nice and sharp, so
I could probably use it.>>Good golly gills! No Barbie. No need for the operation. I already removed Alex’s
appendix with my magic powers. See I have appendix right here in my hand. So cute and little.>>Ew, it looks bloody,
and I can’t handle blood. [SOUND].>>Barbie,
you faint at the sight of blood? You’ve got to be the worst doctor ever.>>If you all like this video
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