Banner Baywood Medication Management Clinic

[sound of heartbeat and pulse monitor] [Background
Music] STEPHANIE: Banner Baywood’s pharmacy is all-encompassing. We have our inpatient
management services, in-patient clinical, as well as an outpatient ambulatory care program. TRICIA: The type of services that we provide
at our clinic include diabetes management, anticoagulation management, heart failure
management, anemia treatment, and anything related to high-risk medications and their
therapies. The challenges that patients face related to medications are vast. KELLY: I think one of the biggest challenges
that patients face with medications is really keeping track of everything. In different
situations patients may be feeling like they’re rushed or not be able to get as much time
that they need to really understand their medications or how to use them. TRICIA: Our model-of-care delivery has been
successful because we have looked for innovative ways to deliver patient care. KELLY: We really work with patients to make
sure that they understand why they’re taking their medications and also are able to work
with their physicians to make sure they’re on the right medications for their disease
state. TRICIA: We have good relationships with the
primary care providers and getting referrals from them to help manage their patients, and
we communicate back with them on a regular basis. STEPHANIE: We are mid-level practitioners
practicing at the full scope of our license, and it’s a very personalized approach to patients’
care. TRICIA: The unique value that we offer to
our patients is that we can individualize their care. We will spend as much time as
that is needed to overcome the barriers that they have been facing related to their medication
management. KELLY: Sylvia is a 90-year-old female who
has had diabetes for quite some time, and she struggles with brittle diabetes, which
is, having, sometimes, her blood sugar be very low, and sometimes it being very high. SYLVIA: I’ve been working with Kelly, probably,
maybe six months, but doctor sent me to Kelly and she’s been doing more for me than anyone.
Kelly got me from nine-something down to eight, just working with me, with my diet, and telling
me what, advising me what, maybe, I should do and what I can do. KELLY: I would say that, overall, my goal
is to empower patients – make them feel comfortable with knowing why they’re on the medications
that they are, and being able to ask questions, as well. Our main focus at the Medication
Management Clinic is keeping people healthy, not treating sick people. TRICIA: This work means everything to me.
It is really an awesome experience to be able to work with patients and help them to be
successful in managing their medications. KELLY: I absolutely love my job. I come to
work with a smile and I leave with a smile. STEPHANIE: My patients are the reason why
I come to work every single day. I enjoy my patient interaction and actually making a
difference in their lives. [Background Music]

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