Bahamas Medical Center: Bariatric Surgery

Welcome to the Bahamas Medical Center,
located in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. The Bahamas Medical Center is a center for
international medical excellence — associated with Doctors Hospital, a recognized
JCI accredited hospital that has been caring for local international patients
since nineteen fifty five. Our team of top specialists offers
outstanding dental care, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery,
anti-aging services, women’s health services, orthopedic surgery and so much more! We invite you to learn more about
Bahamas Medical Center and our excellent bariatric surgery weight loss programs. I’m Dr. Charles Diggiss, I am a general surgeon. I’ve been in practice in since 1989. And I’ve been involved in bariatric surgery
since 2008. Bariatric surgery in The Bahamas has an
interesting history. If you go back to the nineties, late
nineties, when the introduction of it occurred, it really occurred because of an
interest in moving into the laparoscopic approach to bariatric surgery. So my
introduction was through the creator of the lap band, Professor Abelechev and with the president of the American
Society of Bariatric Surgery, they both came to The Bahamas met me, and said, “Well,l listen you do
laparoscopy general surgery, would you be interested in switching into bariatrics and looking at the LapBand?” Tied to that was a trip to Belgium some other stuff. I said, “Fine, let’s take a look at that.” So, my interest was the pioneering interest
in bariatrics up until that point there was no one surgeon committed to
or involved with the practice of bariatric surgery in the country and so most
patients if they had a procedure done, would have traveled. If you have core morbidities like diabetes,
hypertension, metabolic syndrome, any issues like that they are well
controlled, then being motivated with controlled
core morbidities and a BMI around forty; having failed a number of weight loss
efforts in the past not having had prior bariatric surgery, would help. That’s an ideal patient. Somebody who’s
really motivated and interested, keen to lose the weight and want to get into a sustained weight loss zone. My name’s Jessica Robertson. I was thirty eight years old. I had struggled with weight all my life.
Tried just about everything to lose weight. Had some success… limited success. I had to go to extremes
in order to achieve that success and had pretty much given up with all of the known methods out there. And one day my dad came home he said
had I ever thought about trying lap-band. And I’d given no
real thought to surgery at that time. I only knew about bypass it was a bit extreme for me. But he told me that one of the doctors
here, Dr. Diggiss was now offering this procedure and was having some success
with it and thought maybe I should look into it. So I went home and I researched, as I do everything. And… by the time I went into his office to meet with his team, I pretty much knew everything I
needed to know to know that I was willing to explore
this as a potential procedure for myself, but I also knew the questions that I
needed answers to. And I knew the answers that I
needed to hear to be comfortable that they had the right kind of program and
that he was the right surgeon for me. Bariatric surgery is a very serious decision for patients who have
tried a number a whole number of efforts and
sometimes throughout a lifetime. These exasperated, frustrated, and sometimes desperate
people and sometimes vulnerable people and we want them to understand is that
they are coming into environment where all of the usual standards, all
the traditional, acceptable medical practices exist. The issue of the Joint Commission
Accreditation is one that we can’t emphasize enough. Simply to say it’s that Good
Housekeeping Stamp of Approval that says, we’re going to adhere to a certain way of conduct both in business, in the practice of
medicine, in the focus on safety. We intend to make this experience certainly as elegant, as aesthetic, and as safe as possible for all the
patients. We believe that this is certainly a decision that you could make with great comfort.
We invite you to come check us out, visit the facility,
meet us. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we claim that we will certainly be a
perfect formula for you and your journey in getting a sustained surgical solution
for your obesity. The Bahamas has it all… leading healthcare specialists, world-class resorts, stunning beaches, international dining, shopping, spa treatments and the kind of personal care and
attention that makes you feel completely at home even when you’re away from home. What are you waiting for? Better weather, better healthcare, and better prices await you.

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