100 thoughts on “Bad Nurse Boy (“Bad Boy” Short Film #11)

  1. As always weird nuts of fun 😀

    But TBH the lighting was a bit strange. Up until halfway it was kinda whited out and their eyes were GREEN!!! and BLUE!!! (the way my eyes look on e's with blue contacts in lol) and then things calmed down. Not being picky was just a bit distracting is all.

    Thanks Daddy Scott SLAP

  2. Drew had some of the best lines. My favorite is how he delivered the line “check yourself before you wreak yourself” at 9:39.

  3. I couldn't stop laughing! This was great! Good job with the pacing in the beginning and middle. It was so fast paced and wonderful!the end was freaking brilliant!

  4. By far the best episode yet! The writing, superb! The pacing, on point! And the acting, absolutely fabulous!!! I love watching these characters and can honestly say I've developed a mad crush on Daddy Scott. Truly outstanding work Artie.

    P.S. You DO have amazing boobs! 😜

  5. this is literally my favorite series to watch on youtube. it always makes me laugh and cheers me up after a long day. ❤️

  6. Hey guys, do you think it could be somehow possible, that daddy Scott would actually kill Paul Jomas? I don´t think it´s true, but why is FBI agent stuck to him like this? Does she have different motives, or is she actually thinking daddy Scott would do that? Is he going to end up in jail? Is there gonna be some prison action? 🤩😍😋🥰

  7. Artie, what a brilliant mind! Love your work on these videos! And yes, Drew is very easy on the eyes. I'm sure it's very difficult to focus sometimes 👀

  8. I love that you give others chances to really shine in your scripts, Artie. Fun, nutty characters and situation. Witty, bawdy, ridiculous. 🙂 Congrats.

  9. Omg Artie, once again you have outdone yourself with our very favorite cast of characters. We will never get enough!….❤ 👀

  10. Too many funny moments. "what's the tea?" "Dobie Scott". "Daddy Scott" "vapo rub" (nothing like the ones I got as a kid). Genius again!!!

  11. Funny thing! As I watched this a second time, I realized my dog has the same reaction as Jim when someone knocks at the door! hahah! Great job Artie! The zingers in this one are too hilarious!

  12. Is it wrong that I'm getting excited watching Daddy Scott's nipples…erhm…great show, love, love it…but those nipples…;)

  13. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve seen this one. Lol
    I always see or hear something new like when Jim messes up his order by saying first then 3rdly and B. 😂

  14. Another tour de force! This flows so natural, so organic, that it doesn't seem like we're watching a performance. Having been behind the scenes in theatre, I know how special this is and how much effort it takes to achieve. I can hardly wait for the next installment.

  15. Another beautifully scripted and acted vignette, Artie. I especially loved Jim shouting "I`ll get it" Thank you again.

  16. “The only thing he’s hiding, is a great set of boobs”
    That’s probably the greatest line I heard Jim say. 😂😂😂

    This one was truly a cut above. Kudos for the excellent writing.
    Shout out to Drew, who seems to really be getting into the character. His facial expressions have gotten better, I think.

    1. Drew's perv face when Jim's grabbing Scott's chest!!! So good.

    2. The outrageous number of times Jim closes the door on Calista, and her reaction!

    3. You waxed, didn't you? 🙂

    4. Jim's phenomenal "pretending everything is fine" reaction to Scott taking the pills!

    5. The "vapor rub" music!

    6. Drew's vapor rub dance. Christ. (Bonus for the way he put his shirt down and opened the bottle with flourish.)

    7. Whitney's "survey says" comment.

    8. Calista's "instant" one-shot transformation. Classic comedy bit.

    9. Dobby Scott! Jesus, that cracked me up.

    10. The ending, complete with little burp.

  18. Omg where my fujoshi sistah at?? 🤣🤣 thanks daddy scott for making this masterpiece!! Omg you really need to hire some asian hunks

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