Bad Hospital Reviews

picked up a disgusting fungus smell from
the dirty sheets that went undiagnosed until I treated it with tea tree oil it
spread to all of my clothes and was almost impossible to get rid of. The worst Hospital I’ve ever been in. I would rather die than ever go back here. NO. Horrible Hospital, no compassion no anything Bad attitudes and we are all
hypochondriacs I hadn’t realized that nurses have become extinct and have been replaced by hard-partying tattooed stupid mega loudmouths who are unable to listen and speak as if to a deaf child neither had I known that mentioning a
wheat allergy would get me starved all week except for a daily sheet of cement
that promptly broke my dental bridge uncaring loutish nurses chatting about
their diets to ambulance attendants and then there’s the fact that they insist
you sit on the hard chairs in the hallway the ones with no arm rests they
just give everyone IV fluid and send you home they not care if you drop dead you
will wait four hours and still not get any treatment or info and when you walk
away they just say, “okay” question everything at this facility
they will show for you from waiting room to waiting room even if you are the only
person there it’s as if there is one doctor. Maybe. Who sees patients
occasionally while for the most part watching television or doing something
else other than treating patients I took Uber to a real Hospital run by

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