– So, yeah. So I just got magnesium. I don’t want to talk about my issues. I feel like, so bad because I
have Ayah up in this hospital. (upbeat music) – Good morning Aunties and Uncles. Hope you guys are having
a great start to your day. Today’s video is in
partnership with HelloFresh. It’s perfect timing because with LaToya just having the baby, this partnership is great because we can now make quick meals and our first box just came and I’m going to be preparing lunch today and I’m gonna showcase to you guys what HelloFresh is all about and how quick and easy it
is to prepare great meals for the family. All right guys we just opened up our box here by HelloFresh. – We love HelloFresh meals
because, listen you guys they are so quick and easy to make. Like right now we have sesame beef tacos. – [Adam] Where the kiddies at? Samia? – [LaToya] I know.
– Hello! – [Adam] Aye! – We have so many options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. – [Adam] I know you guys are excited to go to the jumping place. Where are they going? – [LaToya] They’re going to like some jumping place, having fun
with other kids you know. – [Adam] Awesome.
– We’re going to catch air. – [Adam] So what do you guys wanna eat when you get get back? We have three meals for you guys. You guys get to choose. Do you guys want tacos? – Taco Tuesday. – Taco Tuesday.
– [Adam] Taco Tuesday. – My Lebron James voice. There’s also bruschetta chicken. Which I’m excited to try because
whenever we go out to eat I always order Bruschetta as an appetizer. So I’m excited to try Bruschetta chicken. And then we have Parmesan-crusted chicken. Everything sounds so yummy.
– Okay I just want, I want, I’m gonna pick two meals. – [Adam] Pick one meal, so that you guys can have this lunch when you get back. – Look and look, you have all the pictures here so you guys can- – [Adam] All the menus are in here. – [LaToya] All the menu’s here and it gives you the directions on what you need to make. All of the ingredients are in the bag, including the seasoning. Right? So which one do you wanna make today? – [Adam] Which one you want us- – [Samia] Chicken! Chicken!
– [LaToya] Yes! She picked my favorite. Bruschetta chicken. – [Adam] Bruschetta chicken it is. – Yes so that’s what we’re doing. – [Adam] So it’s this one right here? – [LaToya] Yeah. Ooh yeah, and they have
asparagus in there. And on the back? – [Adam] It has the… – [LaToya] Instructions. – [Adam] Instructions. – [LaToya] Step by step
on how to make everything. – [Samia] I love chicken.
– [LaToya] Okay. – [Adam] When you guys get back, you’ll have your lunch,
Bruschetta chicken. You guys go have some
fun with grandma okay? – Okay. – Correction it’s glam-ma, ‘kay? – [Adam] Glam-ma. – Okay guys, and to all
our our viewers watching. Our Aunties and Uncles. You guys can get 80$ off your first month by using the promo-code LATOYASLIFE80, so make sure you take
an advantage of that. Head to the description box below, click on the link, and sign
up for your HelloFresh meals because we love it here. The Ali’s love it, okay? – [Adam] All right, let’s get cookin’. Hey what’s up guys? So shortly after the kids left, we decided to go to Walmart and while LaToya was
walkin’ she wasn’t feelin’ too well so she checked her blood pressure and it seems a little high. And she’s a little worried so we decided we’re gonna go to the hospital and see what is going on. Her energy level is pretty low, so we’re gonna see what this is all about. So I’ll catch you guys at the hospital. (upbeat music) All right, so we just got the hospital. We’re waiting to get checked in. – My head is pounding. – [Adam] Head’s poundin’. – My feet are swollen and
cousin whose a doctor, well first of all, she told
me to come to the hospital. But she was mentioning
things like, preeclampsia or I think it’s high blood
pressure of pregnancy or hypertension of pregnancy. Something like that. Which can happen after. Well, while your pregnant and after. And so, I’m just waiting
to get seen right now. – Just got a room. Been trying to console baby Ayah here. LaToya got an initial check on a nurse, did the first of few blood pressure checks and they’re going to monitor
her for a little bit. Hopefully everything is okay. Ayah. I found a new position she likes right? Her arms on my shoulder. She seems to be calm right there. Right baby? – So yeah, so I just got magnesium. I don’t want to talk about my issues. I feel like, so bad because I
have Ayah up in this hospital. You know? With my high blood pressure. Oh I have post-preeclampsia. That’s what I have guys. No I don’t? (laughing) No, high blood pressure
of pregnancy, so far. And they’re- – [LaToya] So it’s high blood
pressure of pregnancy so far? – Yeah, gestational hypertension
but they’re making sure that you don’t have,
they’re hoping that you don’t have preeclampsia. But you’re being treated for it. – [LaToya] I’m being treating for it ’cause my blood pressure is high. – Right. – And I have severe headache, right? So I was at Walmart and I
checked my blood pressure. So would you consider it through the roof? – It’s high. It’s definitely abnormal. You’re a healthy young lady so it shouldn’t be that high.
– [LaToya] But? – [ Woman] But it was definitely high and it just kept on getting higher. – So right now we’re
just, what are we doing? – [Adam] It’s all good. We’re gonna be fine.
– What are we doing Sam? – [Adam] We’ll be here for 24 hours. I’ll be sitting right there. Holding baby Ayah. And you’ll be plugged into these, IV stuff.
– Why did this happen again? – [Adam] Why did this happen? – Yeah it’s a complication
of pregnancy sometimes. After six weeks after. You’re at risk of having this syndrome that could lead to seizures. But like we talked about,
they tend to prevent it more than they see it. It’s better to prevent
it than to ever see it. – [LaToya] Right.
– Yeah. – All right y’all so I’m
’bout to wrap up the vlog. I’m a be spending the next night, I’m gonna be spending
tonight here on this couch. Next to LaToya, hopefully she gets better. They’re gonna monitor her for about- – [LaToya] I will get better! – You will get better. – [LaToya] You guys I’m drowsy right now so don’t even mind. (bell dings) What is going on here? Full-time exceeded? – [Woman] Yeah she’s
waiting for somebody else to take care of the nightly exams. – Y’all think I’m (mumbles). I need to sleep. – [Woman] Just relax yourself. – You see? The moment she’s like, I will get better. Ding ding ding! Ding ding! (laughing) – [Woman] Relax yourself. – They’re like, relax yourself. Not at this hospital,
we’re gonna run the bills. You ain’t going to get better right now. (Adam laughing) – [LaToya] Oh my god. – They’re like nah. Run that. Anyway y’all. Thanks for tuning in, it’s a short vlog and we’ll keep you guys
posted in the next vlog on how everything went today. Because we’re gonna be
here for about 24 hours. – [LaToya] Oh my god. – Subscribe. The Ali’s are out. (bell dings) – [LaToya] Baby girl. My baby. (upbeat music)

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