Bachelor of Science in Nursing

(energetic music) – Most of the data that has come out in the last 20 years does show a reduction in complications with patients, fall rates, and things of that nature, when you have a higher
percentage of the nurses with Bachelor’s degrees. So, most institutions
are looking at wanting to hire Bachelor degree nurses. – For our Bachelor of
Science in Nursing Degree, they all will do clinicals
at different facilities. They also are able to receive experience here in our simulation lab
and so we’re able to do different simulations. But a lot of the real life experience is gonna come out on the floors and out on the units, actually getting those
hands on with the patients. – And what kinda sets us apart is we have a lot hands on, eight to one instructor student ratio in the clinical setting. We have over 200 plus years of experience with just our Columbia
campus on-site faculty. – Columbia College does a great job of being able to utilize
different technology and resources in reaching
out to all various populations of students. and in order to produce the best quality of nurses possible. – We have recruiters that
are always calling the school wanting to know when our
next graduates are available. When can we meet with them? What’s the best way to touch
base with your students? We’d like to being looking at hiring them. So, our students are
always at the forefront of the recruiter’s minds
wanting to hire them. It’s a rigorous program. We expect a lot from our students. Get the cream of the crop student and they’re prepared well. And they do very well in the real world.

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