Baby Oliver’s Journey – Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center NICU | Kaiser Permanente

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[Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)] – [John Border] We had a little
scare on a Wednesday night, and they came in, they’re
like, “Okay, he’s coming now. We know it’s three months early. We’ve got the NICU here.” He was born about 10:20. One pound eight and a half ounces. Spent the next 101 days
here in various rooms, various procedures, tests, injections. – [Melinda Caskey, MD, Neonatologist]
When they first come
out, I think that they, they don’t look like what the
parents are going to expect, or they’re very skinny, they
haven’t gained any weight, and they look very frail,
and Oliver looked very frail. – [Julia Molony, NICU Nurse]
He was really little,
I think about a pound, a little more, but he
was always pretty hardy. – [John] That tiny diaper was big on him, like it was up to his,
you know, just rib cage. As soon as he came, we started reading, it’s like what do we need to
do to give him the best chance and it’s always be there,
skin to skin contact is huge for their development. – [Julia] What I remember is his response, even as a early preemie
to his parent’s touch. – [John] Well after the first
five minutes with the nurses you know they know their stuff. – [Melinda] You know
we’re a tight knit team, they see the same people
day in and day out. The families start to
think of the NICU family as an extension of their own family and certainly when they come back to the NICU followup clinic to see me, they talk about how
much they miss the NICU, and all of the people that they made those really strong bonds with. – [John] or the app on the phone, well the nicest part is
the messaging system, messaging doctors or just
different departments, the interconnectivity
between the departments so everybody can know
what’s going on with you. One doctor’s not gonna
prescribe you something that might interfere with
something else another doctor did. They remember him. I mean it’s been nine
months since we’ve been here and they still remember
him and they come out and see him and ooh and ah over him. – [Julia] But when you
see those babies come back and the parents are so excited
to reestablish that with you and say, “Look at what we’ve done.” I don’t know what else there is, for me, but I’m a NICU nurse. [thrive Kaiser Permanente®]

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