Baby Alive gets Zuru 5 SURPRISE UNICORN SQUAD Vet Hospital

oh and thanks again dr. Freya. no problem.
and remember give her two drops a day for the next week. gotcha.
okay, hey Mia! how are you? I’m really sorry about the
wait. oh that’s okay. The we imagine vet clinic
has been just hopping since we opened. I’m not sure that I’m even supposed to be
here. whoa. why is that? well because Sasha’s
not exactly your typical animal. well the WI Vet clinic isn’t the
typical vet clinic either. why don’t you step on back into the exam room and you
can tell me what’s going on. oh okay. well if you’re sure, because I’m real worried
about her. sure! come on back. okay, well what seems to be the problem today?
well she just hasn’t been her normal self. she’s mopey. she doesn’t like to go play. oh
dear. That doesn’t sound like Sasha at all. I’m so worried about her. let’s go ahead and do
some initial checkups on her, then I’ll see if we can find out what’s going
on. okay? okay. okay, Sasha, let’s see what’s going on with you. Mia,
you were right. sasha is very unusual. Oh No! are you not gonna be able to help her?
actually here at WI, we’re unusual too, and I think I have the perfect thing to
make Sasha feel better. oh that’s great! what is it? well it’s right here. it’s the
Zuru 5 surprise, unicorn squad, surprise ball. I think it is just what Sasha needs is
another unicorn. well… oh that’s great! can we get it open and see who her new friend is?
that is precisely what we need to do. well, Hey! (slide whistle) look what we have found! it is
the zuru five surprise, unicorn squad. so it says… unbox a magical unicorn
surprise… with 13 magical unicorns to collect. well let’s see who we got.
and we’ll unwrap it, just like so. I’ll take this inner wrap off. now….
let’s pop our ball open (xylophone running down) and there it is! oh so here’s our collectors guide. oh my!
look! it says we get unicorn poo, and then… there’s aurora, Luna, Bella, Pippa, DJ,
and Trixie, Coral…. Oh, Coral is a mermaid! and on the back side, there’s shimmer,
Anastasia, Roxy, Charlie, cherry, Jade. oh my goodness! so who do you think is going to
be Sasha’s new friend? well let’s get it open and find out! okay,
so this obviously is our unicorn here, so shall we open our surprises and see if
we can figure out who we got? let’s peel… okay so first we got a shimmery blue
comb and shimmery stickers that look like jewels. and in our slice number two…
ooh what’s this? this must be our our unicorn poo. maybe?
it definitely looks like some sort of a putty.
well it’s yellow. and here it is out of its container. and it is very, very
stretchy! and its really super soft. it feels kind of like the cotton candy or
the cloud slime. but look at that. that is super neat.
and really quite fun. whoa! okay so there’s our putty. and what’s in
our third wedge… surprise wedge over here? oh so we have our little head scarf, and
we’ve got what looks like maybe a crown, and look at these adorable little blue
shoes. now we’ve got to find out which unicorn we got. do you know? there she is!
it’s Bella! and this is not a head scarf at all. it’s actually a very fancy
blanket. look at that. isn’t she pretty? and look at her turquoise horn. she’s got
on this pretty little necklace that looks like pearls with a pink jewel. and
look at those blue eyes. so let’s go ahead and see what else is in here. so
here is her hair. so we can put that on like that. oh isn’t she quite fancy! and
then that’s where her crown can go right in there like that. and look… her legs
even are jointed, so they move. now she is super neat. let’s get her little shoes on. (magic chime, magic chime)
and there she is…. all dressed! well she’s really cute. well
these little five surprise unicorns are super cute. now we just need to see what
Sasha thinks. oh yeah! I think she really likes her! oh me too.
now, Sasha, we have an extra friend to go play in the forest with us. (horse content whinny) dr. Freya,
I’m glad you were able to help with this very unusual situation. me, too. we’ll
see you all later. well what do you think of Zuru’s new
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collection for now! until next time… wow it’s been a super busy day at the vet clinic.
I think I may need to go get myself a pet unicorn. how about you? thank you for
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