Aventura Hospital & Medical Center – ICU Nurses

– At Aventura Hospital, I’m an ICU nurse. My shift is from 7:00am till 7:00pm. I can’t even find words to
describe what happens in between. – HCA is the largest
corporation of hospitals in the United States. In particularly Aventura, I feel that this is a wonderful facility, the patients are very
happy when they get here, it’s really like a hotel. – Here in Aventura, we’re a
42 bedded intensive care unit. It’s broken up into four parts, we have a designated neuro
part, and then we have a mix of med-surg in the rest of the beds. So it’s a good mix of patients,
a great learning unit, the nurses really do see a
little bit of everything. – It’s a pleasure to work
here at Aventura Hospital, because everybody works
together, we are a team. – I love everything
about Aventura Hospital, I love the nurses that I work with, I have the most amazing boss ever, she’s so great and so
supportive to the nursing staff. – [David] The people I work with, I’ve gotten to know very well, and I love that part of working here. – [Kathleen] It’s the people
that make the difference, and I think that we have a great group, it’s just that whole
family kind of feeling. – I like what our community has to offer, especially in this area at Aventura. – If you like water, the
beach, you’ll love living here. It’s a fun, outdoor, young environment. – Shopping is just around the corner, you can go across the street, Aventura Mall is just
few minutes from here. – Of course the mall.
The beach. The weather. – The weather is excellent. – It’s right up my ally. – I love the facility, I love the people, the diversity, the
physicians that we work with. For me it’s a very
comfortable environment, it’s a great place to work for that. – If you’re a new nurse,
try to start off in telemetry, med-surg, and
then transfer to ICU. You’ll have a great time. – I have some openings on
nights if you’d like to start. – This is the place for you.
It’s a pleasure to work here, and you are all welcome to come.

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