Avedis Meneshian, MD – Thoracic surgeon at Anne Arundel Medical Center

(bright music) – My name is Avedis Meneshian. I’m one of the Thoracic Surgeons at the Anne Arundel Medical Center. As Thoracic Surgeons,
we focus on a variety of benign and malignant conditions which affect the organs in the chest. So we might meet patients in
the context of the diagnosis in management of lung cancer,
of cancer of the esophagus, cancers of the thymus gland, as well as a variety of
manifestations of other tumors, such as breast cancers or colon cancers that might metastasize to the chest. Both to the lungs, to the
space around the lungs, to the space around the heart, and occasionally to the
lymph nodes and the chest. Our goal is to provide, not only, top quality and compassionate
care to patients. But also to do so in a
way that truly engages our patients in the healthcare process. What we do is not complicated, but we realize that as patients receive a diagnosis of cancer, they can be overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at them. Often, in a language that
they don’t use everyday. So it’s our goal to try to communicate with our patients in a way
that is clear and concise and allows them to truly participate in the decision-making
process between them, their family members, and
their healthcare team. Our relationship with our patients is really the driving
force behind our program in thoracic surgery and we look
forward to working with you. (bright music)

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