Augusta University Health VIP

We all want easy access to our friends,
our accounts, our finances, why should our health be any different?
You shouldn’t have to wait to get the information about your health that’s
important to you and now you don’t have to. Introducing Augusta University Health
VIP. By simply signing up to be a VIP you get access to medical records, test results and your healthcare team.
You can even schedule your appointments online. Your information is super secure
and conveniently accessed via a home computer, phone or mobile app. Sign up at
your next visit to Augusta University Health. Just ask to be a VIP and we’ll make
it easy. Among Augusta University Health VIP features real-time test results with
no appointment, online appointment scheduling, access to you and your
loved ones entire medical history, all provided for you. Be a VIP. Sign up on
your next visit to Augusta University Health and take control of your health.

2 thoughts on “Augusta University Health VIP

  1. I really enjoy info in this form.When you reach a certain age you like thing simple . thanks…..

  2. Why can’t I sign up online? This link says I must sign up at next MD appt,which is not until September. Unacceptable.

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