AU Health Academic Advantage: Advancing Patience

I’ve known patients Jones probably for
about 14 years. Wow, she, Dr. Coffin is like family to me. She takes very good
care for me. If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t be alive now because I
have had some serious issues. She sees multiple providers at AU health and she entrusts us with her health she entrusts us with her well-being. Augusta University
Health is a teaching hospital, so I think the quality of care is better because of
that. You’ve got several sets of eyes and inquisitive minds that are looking
for those things that may be out of the ordinary. They actually listen to what I
have to say. You see it every day when they come into the clinic and tell you
how some of these specialists have truly changed their lives for the better and
for some of them have saved their lives My perspective on AU level of healthcare
is excellent and being a retired nurse I’ve seen a lot in my years and AU is

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