Ateet Shah, MD – Colon and Rectal Surgery, General Surgery

Dr. Shah My name’s Ateet Shah, and I’m a colorectal
surgeon. I’m a member of a four-person group that’s called Colon and Rectal Care, and we’re
dedicated to treatment of diseases of the colon or rectum, What special services do you offer? We can take a patient all the way from the
diagnosis of a problem related to the colon or rectum, all the way to the treatment. So
if a patient comes in with rectal bleeding we perform diagnostic and screening colonoscopies.
And we can diagnose them with hemorrhoids or diverticulitis, or colon cancer or a polyp,
and then at the same time we can recommend and perform the appropriate treatment. So
a lot of patients as well as referring doctors like that sort of “one-stop” shopping. What special techniques to you use to benefit
the patient? We focus in all aspects of treatment on minimally-invasive
techniques. So if we have patients with hemorrhoids, we don’t subject them immediately to a surgical
hemorrhoidectomy. We have options such an infrared coagulation or rubberband ligation.
We have newer techniques in hemorrhoid surgery such as a procedure for prolapsing hemorrhoids
which benefits a patient in terms of less pain and earlier return to function. And then
in terms of colon cancers or polyps we focus on performing our operations laparoscopically,
which benefits the patient in terms of shorter hospital stays, and more importantly, more
rapid return to their normal activities. How can a doctor refer a patient? We have several options. I mean, they can
certainly go through the office. We have a special referral form that we’re happy to
provide any office manager or referring physician. And if something is more urgent we encourage
referring doctors to call us directly on our cell phones; we’re happy to give those out,
because our goal is to see patients within 24 to 48 hours, especially if they have more
urgent needs. How does a patient benefit from choosing Community? Community from my point of view has a small
hospital feel so it’s like a family. We all know each other, from the nursing staff to
all the referring doctors, etc. But, it’s also specialized enough such that we have
all the available technology, such as laparoscopy and robot. We have all the available specialties,
so that if patients need subspecialty care, they can get that. And so, all in all, it’s
a very good package. In addition, the nursing here is excellent. I mean, we get numerous
comments from patients as to how they’re very happy with the care they get here. So we’re
all happy with that, too. How does a patient benefit from choosing your
practice? One of the benefits to our practice is that
we focus exclusively on treating diseases of the colon and rectum. By offering the patients
subspecialty care related exclusively to this area, we can offer them the best and the latest
in terms of technological advancements. We also, by performing these operations exclusively,
can offer them the best outcomes as a result of these operations. And so that, all in all,
contributes to them getting exceptional care in terms of both our practice as well as at
Community Hospital.

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