at StoneCrest Clinic of The Surgical Clinic

My name is Willie Melvin. I’m a general surgeon and I work with The Surgical Clinic. I went
on to do undergrad work at Texas Southern University. From there I went to Meharry Medical
College for my medical degree. It was at Meharry that I realized that I was going to be a surgeon.
A patient came in and the speed with which the surgeons were able to make the diagnosis,
take it the operating room and repair the damages – to sit there and watch them I get
chills when I think about it. It was like jazz music – you know, it was clamp, clamp,
cut, tie and there was very little speaking and things were moving. It was just, it just
clicked for me that surgery was what I needed to do. And so I tell people that I didn’t
really choose surgery, surgery chose me. I like fixing things. I like making things better
and surgery gives you the opportunity to do that. It was at Vanderbilt that I got an opportunity
to get a broad array of disease processes and I was there for fifteen years. One of
my highest achievements was being recognized by the residents for the John Sawyer teaching
award. Most recently, I was invited to come to The Surgical Clinic. The irony is that
a few of the guys that I’m now working with as partners, I played a hand in their training
and so it’s a compliment at best to have an opportunity to work with them in that capacity.
My family is important to me so a lot of my recreational time is really family life. My
lovely wife and two kids and being involved in my son’s cub scouts and camping and my
daughter’s brownie scouts and gymnastics – that keeps me pretty busy. I also like to read.
The Surgical Clinic has excellent surgeons and a broad array of specialties and I was
able to join them to broaden that service that they provide in and around the Nashville
area and surrounding areas and then Smyrna is part of that extension that I’m very proud
to be a part of.

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