“At Desert Springs Hospital, we are here for you.”

Hi I’m Ryan Jensen, CEO and managing
director of Desert Springs Hospital. Our local residents know us as the Heart
Hospital of Las Vegas and we’re living up to that name. Today, we offer advanced
cardiovascular services. Our latest cardiac mapping system lets doctors
visualize the heart in real time to locate heart rhythm problems so they can
treat them. Surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures and robotic assisted
surgery with a surgical system that offers 3D visualization and increased
precision which may offer patients a faster recovery. Our Center for Surgical
Weight Loss is nationally accredited. These are just a few examples of some of
our recent bariatric patient successes. Our emergency department is staffed 24/7. We’re an Accredited Chest Pain Center with Joint Commission certification as
an Advanced Primary Stroke Center and a diabetes inpatient center. You may know
us as The Heart Hospital but we’re so much more and we’re right here for you. We’re located just off the strip near the heart of Las Vegas and we’re not
skipping a beat. At Desert Springs Hospital we are here for you.

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