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Part of the Deaconess Health System,
Deaconess Gateway Hospital serves the rapidly growing population East of
Evansville Indiana, a modern state-of-the-art facility the hospital
provides a comprehensive list of medical services. Deaconess administration valued
the opportunity to provide efficiency in our patient care by managing mobile
equipment in a more innovative manner Stanley Healthcare’s asset management
solution addressed critical to quality requirements for the Deaconess team.
These key items included a strong ROI, integratable technologies and
turnkey solution. It has additional capabilities that can grow with us
as our program evolves. Our job is very important we make sure that equipment is
safe for a patient use, that there is going to be no harm done to the patient
by the medical equipment. So being able to find the equipment in the month that is
due to be checked is very important for patient safety. Here at Deaconess we have two hospitals, we have the main campus and the gateway campus. The main campus does not have the AeroScout Program, when I was working for them and trying
to find the pumps the best tactic you had was just hope the room was empty. You
would go into an empty room and check out their pumps to see if if it was due
for peeing. In downtown you’re just on your own it’s a needle in the haystack, I
mean it could be anywhere. We would normally locate most of them, there would be months whenever we would have one or two pumps we could not locate but you
know normally we would beat the bushes long enough and and find them but you’re talking 40 or 50 man hours of looking for a very small percentage
of what we need to get. Using the AeroScout technology you’re
able to find the devices quicker because you can just go to a computer search a
specific asset, serial number, however you want to look it up and you know where
the device is rather than having to go from room to room looking for different
pieces of equipment. So being able to find them quicker made our job easier, we
got our work done in the month that needed to get done, make sure that
everything was checked the way it needs to be checked in the time that we had, it
was safe for patient use. As far as like a recall goes, it’s really good for
having these serial numbers in the management system because
whenever you get lists from the manufacturer it just says serial numbers,
so you can look them up by serial number and go grab each pump that you
need. The full time BioMed’s they have maybe an average of a hundred
pm’s a month, the person who did the pumps, the DS person, he has two hundred PM’s a month, but the simple fact that he’s getting over half
of those done in a matter of eight days gives you the value of how much it was
needed, otherwise if that wasn’t there if that person was still finding
those pumps you would need two people, you need one person downtown one person
here. Right now with that it enables them to only have one employee doing it. It’s
been a really big time saver, we have basically two employees dedicated to
Alaris pumps alone downtown and a gateway and with the system in place
we’ve knocked it down to one person three days a week in one campus and two
days a week at our campus, so it’s been very beneficial for us. Our staff
definitely took hold of this system as we put it in place and they have found
it to be very user-friendly to use but also it has eased some tension that
had trying to complete their task at the end of each cycle. Now the ability to do
that is much more enhanced and I would think almost every month they’re
finding every piece and getting them done without the stress and the anguish
of trying to get the last two done at the end of the cycle. Being able to
quickly locate it helps you get your job done quicker, makes you more efficient
and you can get more done in less time, meaning you’re not behind on your work or
you’re not overworked, it simplifies everything.

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