[ASMR] Sleep Clinic Roleplay – Trigger Test (Whispered)

Hello there Welcome to the sleep clinic I’m so happy you decided to volunteer today We’re doing a very exciting, or should I say relaxing experiment I’m very very happy that you’re here. Let me run through what I’m going to do with you. So with me today I have a myriad of items that are going to be used on you to trigger your relaxation If you feel any sort of tingles or euphoria or just general sleepiness, that’s what we’re going for and you can let me know. Feel free to fall asleep during this test. I will be taking your blood pressure before and after the entire test, but other than that I have you hooked up. to some non evasive tools Sorry, there’s a-. Okay. And that will give us all the information that we need so all you need to do is sit back and relax. We have over 10 Triggers I would like to try on you. Does that sound okay? Great. Well. First things first Let me test you blood pressure, okay? Let me put my clipboard down. Okay. This is going to go around your arm okay? Okay. Is that steady? Good good. Very good. This…Goes there… Okay. Very good. See, that was easy! And you won’t see this again until the very end of the test. So if you have fallen asleep by then all the better. So before you can truly enjoy these triggers, let’s get you comfortable. Sorry ’bout my instruments Alright. So in you bed at home do you have a twin, a full, a queen, or a king? And would you say that your mattress is on the softer or the firmer side? Do you use, how many blankets do you use? sheets, and then do you use a blanket or comforter or quilt? okay. Then how many pillows do you sleep with? Okay Do you tend to sleep on your side, on your back, on your stomach, or a combo? I see And how many hours do you sleep at night? You can do the weekday if that’s more normal for you. The weekday and how about the weekend? Okie doke. So. I have for you This pillow And this … feel it This is a combo latex pillow It is extremely soft And it is very malleable to your head. If you squish it down it will pop right back up unlike those Tempur-Pedic beds or pillows Okay, so You can keep your pillow right behind your head And I also have … Your robe So this is a very very plush robe just for you ya feel it So you can put this on while I get the first test ready. Okay So let’s prepare for the first trigger. The first one I would like you to do today is the simple hand movement trigger. So I want to do the visual triggers first because if you fall asleep, um, I won’t be able to gauge your reaction to them. So I would like to do some hand movements. And I will have you complete some simple tasks such as following my finger. Okay great. So you could just concentrate on my hands. getting close to your face but not being too invasive you can let me know if you’re uncomfortable with anything in this entire process, okay? by studying the effects … of personal attention and concentration as well as the understudied “art” you can say of visual stimulation instead of the use of sounds I’m not going to spend too much time on every trigger. because I would like you to get the full effect but just enough Okay okay now what I would like you to do is simply follow my finger okay? just with your eyes you don’t have to move your head okay there we go this way up good and down and over here and over here and I’m going to go a little bit closer to you good and good job okay there we go okay perfect job let me mark that Do you have any feedback about that trigger? On a scale from one to ten? okay very good So the rest of the triggers are going to be very sound-based. So what I’m going to do … … is hook you up with one of these … … incredibly relaxing … … headphone sets. Now I have two options for you. This first option in the pink is a lighter material and this black pair is thicker and and it’s fleece-y so these are the sleep phones Pajamas for your ears It’s very aptly put So if you’ve had trouble with earbuds or headphones, not being able to lie on your side while you’re trying to listen to something to relax or fall asleep this is your solution I personally use these every single night So this option is actually the corded option which means it’s attached just like regular headphones with a jack but, you can get bluetooth ones etc. etc. if cords aren’t your style and then inside there’s a right and a left speaker so it goes over your head like a headband and sits snuggly on your ears I’m just going to put it over your head like this and make sure that the speakers line up to your ears they’re completely flat when you lay down side to side

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  1. I ate
    1 had a dream about food
    2 Went to sleep
    3 Watched this vid
    4 Cried
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  2. When u have volume at 100 freakin percent!!!! Then a flipping ad about social economy plays and u have whip lash and have gone deaf

    Oh only me?

  3. The first asmr video I watched was Daisy’s Halloween store roleplay, my brother made me listen to it and then asked what I thought of it. I said it was weirdly satisfying. But, this, was the first asmr video I fell in love with, and I thank Gibi so much for that!

  4. All these people who are the extra viewers definitely did not subscribe because they think asmr is weird

  5. I just thought of this, imagine you just standing there in the clinical some random lady starts waving their hand in face say “just relax” 😂

  6. Omg thank you sooo much for this video I haven’t been able to sleep good for days then I found this video. I slept wonderful thanks to you. Thank you sooo much 💚

  7. My doctor does not speaks to me like u did kind doc !, as soon as i enter he injects nuclear injections in my bum

  8. Aromatherapy is not only a thing that has been a thing for a long time but also a Pokemon move for those who did not know that.

  9. 0:21 you are very happy that I'm here Gibi? Thank you! I am so happy that you are here too and allowing me to feel good and orgasm all over your beautiful face. Open wide Gibi, I have a BIG load for you today 🙂

  10. For anyone wondering about sleepphones here's the link https://www.sleepphones.com or you can check amazon for more options.

  11. Gibbi and Tingting are my favorites and are the only female asmr to actually manage to give me tingles.

  12. The fuck. This was my first time actually listening to ASMR, I wanted to get like 10 minutes of this… instead I watched the whole thing, fell asleep and now it's afternoon suddenly???

  13. Time Table of Trigger Tests:
    0:00 – Intro
    2:04 – Blood Pressure check
    3:08 – Questionnaire (feat. stomach rumblings)
    4:30 – Receiving your pillow!
    5:13 – Getting your robe!
    6:00 – Hand movements / finger following
    10:05 – SleepPhones (I actually really really recommend these. I never go a night without them and I watch ALL THE ASMR VIDS MUAHAHA. I'll put a link below.)
    14:08 – Tapping (Cork candles & cardboard coasters)
    17:18 – Spritz/spray bottle
    19:03 – Glass droppers with rubber tops
    20:54 – Liquid sounds (bottle tipping, dropper dripping)
    23:05 – Face brushing /ear (microphone) brushing
    25:00 – Lid sounds, smelling
    27:25 – Wrap up, blood pressure, farewell!

    Dont mind me need this for myself time stamps from description

  14. Her prettiness is keeping me awake but her asmr skillz be heaving my eyelids🤙🏿💯💯💯🤤

  15. These vids can save me from going full out depressed.So I just wanna thank Gibi for making these videos

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    My brain: Hmm I know! Let's remind her of that really embarrassing thing she did 6 years ago…

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  18. Thank you so much Gibi for your amazing videos. Love you ! You help my anxiety and depression so much. I love how much your videos just calm my whole body. Keep up the good work 🙂

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  20. “We’ll be taking you blood pressure before and after”

    Me: then how is this relaxing?! (Taking blood pressure is extremely annoying and when the thing inflates it’s the worst feeling ever)

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    Me:ok that’s enough of triggers already gets shook 😐

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