[ASMR] Flu Doctor Checkup – Medical Roleplay (Soft Spoken)

Hello, can I come in? Hi there. I’m Dr. Gibi. Nice to meet you (‐^▽^‐) I heard you’re feeling very… Under the weather today. Yeah, I’m so sorry to hear that. Let me take a look at you, and I will see where to go from there. Just disinfecting my hands here. Have you been to the doctor since your sickness has started up This is your first time? Ok All right well you’re glad you came in so we can take a look and make sure it’s nothing too serious We’re having a pretty horrible flu season I’m actually getting over some sort of cough myself No longer contagious of course, but it’s good to be back at work Okay so Your name Okay good. I like to make sure I’m working with the right patient. You’d be surprised Your birthday just confirm All right, so it says that you’re having some headaches Congestion. Any coughing? Can you take a deep breath in for me Okay Let’s see. Have you notice any coughing? During… okay a little bit nothing too serious. Okay, so you’re not coughing up any You can anything solid You know it’s been pretty dry okay? All right, well, that’s a good sign How often have you been getting these headaches? They’re pretty constant uh On a scale of one to ten How bad would you say they are? Yeah, that’s pretty awful. Have you tried any um pain medication or anything? Okay, yeah did that help? Little bit… Well I would definitely recommend continuing with that take it every four to six hours, so um can write down the times when you took medication and be sure to not forget sometimes when we take medication and We start feeling better. We forget to continue the treatment And it just comes back Okay So do you have any chest discomfort? Anything, there’s any pain… any tightness? Any trouble breathing besides the congestion? Okay So quite a few flu cases in here this week Flu is very contagious, it’s a respiratory illness so I Don’t actually expect to a little bit of different symptoms from you the flu spread umh between the upper and lower respiratory tract It seems like you might just have a cold, a pretty nasty cold; but we Just take a listen I wanna listen to your lungs. Okay Look straight past me and Breathe in Breathe out. Okay… Breathe in… breathe out… Breathe in… breathe out… Okay, and the other side… Breathe in… breathe out I’m going to take a listen on your back as well. Oh help me here Breathe in… and out… One more time, breathe in and breathe out… All right, so some pretty good better Better than I thought you went to be honest I’m going to take your blood pressure I’ll take your blood pressure now So you’ve had your blood pressure taken before, I’m sure. Yes? Okay. So this is going around your arm You don’t have any injuries to your arms Handy-dandy, bulb and, we’re gonna take a listen All right Nothing, nothing too crazy there… Take that off. Very good And your blood pressure, is normal Have you had a history of high or low blood pressure? Okay All right next I want to take your temperature. So I’m just going to.. get the Thermometer here And I’m gonna ask you to put this under your tongue, okay? Don’t not too hard we’re gonna leave that in there for about 10 seconds Mmm. No fever very very very very I mean oh you just might run a little high So, I really do not think this is a flu count yourself lucky. Did you get the flu shot this year? Make sure you get it every year It really can go from late fall to early spring Is prime time for the flu so we want to be extra careful with that make sure that you’re protected So when you get vaccinated it? Helps the flu not spread so you can help people who can’t get vaccinated Protect them as well And I think if you do it in a grocery store they give you You know discounts off your order stuff like that though little perks Other than you know not getting the flu Let us tackle your symptoms because they still seem pretty lousy Right do you mind if I just do a tiny bit of a exam on your face yeah, it seems like this is more of a head cold packing your nasal passage reason Do you have a sore throat? On some clothes And take a look Your eyes are a bit watery It sort of feels like you have allergies or something. Yeah, are you allergic to anything? All right Now can you blink for me, and close your eyes Im gonna try to open your eyes don’t let me Okay open your eyes very good. I’m going to take a pink Small light now that’s like I’m just going to take a look in your nose It’s not so much that you have a lot of Mucus or anything like that It comes from the swelling of the nasal passages, which is making hard for you to breathe So I can definitely recommend some medication for that Can you open your mouth? I’m just gonna take a look inside… All right Yeah, a bit red most likely irritation from all of that You know sort of gunk come in town sniffing constantly sneezing If you find that your ears get too blocked up. We can clean them out. Do you have any trouble hearing any ear pain? Well The best time for you to do would be to get some sort of nasal decongestant, so that will reduce the swelling and You don’t have high blood pressure So with the decongestants they range from simple saline solution all the way up to very medicated sprays what those you’re Going to have to be careful with rebound symptoms, or you can get addicted to those pretty quickly so make sure you reading and following all the labels on things okay a Little bit of those goes a long way as well, but it’s definitely worth it to get that good night sleep Okay, so After you’re using this decongestion if you find that you’re having a runny nose You might get some more symptoms those nasal drip So for that I would recommend that you would take some sort of antihistamine You’re not taking any other medication You have to be careful with how I might react other stuff Make sure you check with me for with another doctor And it gets tamina can make you a bit sleepy sometimes of all children it makes a very hyper But more and the tendency with adults Can make you sleepy so just keep that in mind if you’re planning on driving or operating any equipment But you really should be staying home and resting if you can okay Alright For that minor cough You can just be taking the regular cough drop or I actually have Something that might help with that sore throat there are any more Medicated cough drops Finance There’s plenty of brands but Essentially these will numb your throat they have an oral anesthetic in them, so it’s a bit a strange feeling at first But if your throat is numb Carolee okay I was just there So with these you can’t just eat them like candy, like you can with Other cough drops which I don’t recommend either. You know cough drops are You know medicine But these, you can only take one every two hours Please don’t take more than that always follow the instructions Any drug facts on the back Definetly check these out, Time I’m going to recommend that you keep drinking lots of fluids, okay? if the sore throat is Limit too much for you. You can try gargling with salt water gonna make like a teaspoon Salt half a teaspoon with warm water gargle that Other than that keep drinking as much as you can as much water Since You’re gonna be doing a lot of you know medicating Be careful about sore throats you Know you might not notice your sore throat is getting worse So please keep that in mind if it is getting worse. I would definitely come back so we can check you for strip To give it a few days Throat still hurting or if it gets worse at all Please come back and we’ll do a strep test on you because with that you’re going to need some form of antibiotics Well Antibiotics won’t help with your cold or flu because those are viral taking antibiotics would actually just hurt in the long run, a lot of people like to come into the clinic and They just want antibiotics shoved at them, but I promise you that’s not how it works, okay? Then finally always recommend the hot shower get that room nice and steamy sort of access via a Humidifier and we can help clear things out, and if you like spicy foods you can try that too Okay So I’m recommending the decongestant Fluids Cough drops medicine And of course keep an eye on that sore throat Okay, so since the flu is quite rampant this year I’d like you to keep a few things in mind Good habits for flu prevention You know you have to protect your immune system bad habits will hurt your immune system so the most important thing Is to reduce stress okay? Flooding your body constantly with stress hormones It doesn’t give your body a chance to heal itself to recover or really to protect or defend itself against anything so Find a nice way to meditate everyday to relax No It is it’s uh. You know a physical toll on your body to be stressed So please make sure don’t you you know pick a daily relaxation technique that works for you okay, and on top of that Please make sure you’re getting enough sleep. I know that it’s hard especially when you’re feeling poorly But 7 or 8 hours of sleep at least a night Is what we’re recommending That’s right, so I think I’m good early get those eight hours And then we’re also Just with reminding people to wash their hands more Okay, so you should be washing your hands Forr as many times as it takes you to sing happy birthday twice Okay, some people only get to the happy birthday to you, and they’re out of there so sing through the whole song twice Make sure to get in between your fingers your fingertips where a lot of the The genius back is hands Get all bubbly And then of course keep your fingers away from your mouth, and your eyes all that good stuff Okay well I’m not sorry that I can’t make you feel better right away But hopefully this will help you a bit definitely come start on that rest starting that relaxation and Hopefully this cold won’t go away for you Keep an eye on it if you’re not feeling better within a couple of days, weeks Please give my office a call and we’ll get you back in here All right, thank you for coming in I hope you feel better soon, okay? All right, bye-bye You

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