ASMR 👁Eye Massage Clinic RP

Here too Keep your eyes closed. good night Hello You want eye massage, correct? Okay, I’ll get it ready. First, I’ll brush your eyeballs. Please open your eyes. And then, I will clean your eyes. You have to keep your eyes open. Blink your eyes Let me wipe your eyes. I believe your eyes are really dry, right? Let me clean your eye gunks. Please try to blink your eyes. good And then, let me give you eye massages. Open your eyes Are you okay? Blink your eyes Blink, Blink, Blink Are you okay? For the next course, I’ll manage eye temperature. Since I will use fire, please let me know if it’s too hot for you. I’m sure your eyes are warm now. Close your eyes. Next, I’ll put eye drops in your eyes. Please open your eyes wide. Left first, And then the right side. Please close your eyes.
open again and close your eyes. I’ll give you a massage. Please gently close your eyes, so you can absorb eye drops into your eyes. Let me wipe your eyes again. Does it look a little cleaner? Let me start aroma therapy. Close your eyes, Open your eyes and close your eyes. Again, open your eyes and close your eyes.
Now you can keep your eyes open. Let me clean your eyes one last time. Are you okay? Finally, I’ll dry your eyes. Yes. You can sleep very comfortably today. Would you like to go to sleep here? Then, let me cover your eyes with a sleep shade. Close your eyes. good night

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  2. Всё. Смотрю только тебя, только ты заставляешь уснуть. Спасибо тебе!

  3. Лежу тут такая.
    Нихера не понимаю.
    И такой врач тут нарисовался
    И теперь думаю как бы его в Рашку то к себе запхать🤤

  4. Day 5 of trying to find another English comment, at this point I’m starting to give up.

    Bill grylls signing out

  5. adoro i tuoi video non me ne perdo uno.e anche se gia li ho visti, li rivedo di nuovo perche mi piacciono troppo … ciao dall'Italia

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