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  1. I just love how you're willing to answer questions from different countries. I'm an Indian Dentist working in a caribbean country and I have had experiences where my patients would laugh at my accent or whenever they heard me speaking Hindi. I'm 29 and I have asthma. I had it since I was like 6 (as far as I could remember) and its really something that should be taken seriously. I totally agree with what you said.

  2. Oh how do you prevent back injuries while being a farrier?? Cuz my sister is a farrier and I wanna be one!!

  3. Dr. Mike, can you explain fruit allergies? Since late teens I started getting allergic reactions to fruits, even banana that isn't technically a fruit. I'm able to consume some fruits if they are cooked, but not too much. I haven't been to a doctor about this problem, but have told them I get reactions to fruit when they ask for allergies (no one of those doctors has told me to get tested😂).
    Love the show!

  4. Dr Mike , I'm highly allergic to cats fur but at my age i still allergic a tiny bit but not like when i'm still in high school and college there are stray cats always come near me but know I'm 25 years old this years everytime i held a cat i did not get any athsma why is that Dr Mike ?

  5. Hi doctor mike Recently i found out that i have polycystic ovaries, I went to the gynecologist and she told me that I would not be able to have kids if i don’t regulate my period.. my period didn’t come since I had my baby 4 years ago, I know it was my mistake for not going to the doctor in such a long time, it’s been two months since I’m taking birth control pills but they make me nauseous and give me headaches, is there anything I could do, please help I would really love to have a baby girl someday 🤦🏽‍♀️😒

  6. Hey doctor mike I’m in marching band and when I start to play my flute and march I keep on losing my balance and hurt my ankle almost every time what can I do on to stop hurting my ankle while playing and marching? P.S. I love the videos and learning something new every time

  7. The eczema one really helped it was so bad when I was little I was red with sores all over me and couldn’t even move sometimes but now it ok not great, but ok 👌

  8. Hello dr Mike, i cannot speak fluently because they people around me think that I argue instead of talking. Anyways how can I ask something to they ones don't want to dialogue.

  9. I have awful dandruff and ive tried sooo many different shampoos and conditioners but nothing works any advice? ps love your videos!!

  10. Im an 8th grade student, and I keep having pain in the area around my nape and right shoulder. Even if I only write something, or Im going on a walk, the pain flares up. I've consulted with a doctor about this 2 times and both times they requested me to do exercises.. but it still happens. It's been 8 months- please help-

  11. I have a serious question
    Is it normal when someone touches, like even just poking me, (not even that hard) that it hurts really bad? It kind of feels like they are hurting my bones? If that makes any sense? Lol

  12. Question:
    Last summer I was admitted to the ER for a suspected volvulus bowel obstruction. The CT scan was done by IV, not with me drinking the fluid – when the surgeon went in, he claimed it “untwisted” itself and simply closed me back up. I’d never had surgery before and weighed 130 lbs age 26 when this pain occurred. Is it possible I was just blocked? How common is it for the bowel to twist on itself and should I worry this could happen again? Thanks so much in advance!

  13. I know this video is a little old but ive been watching your videos alot lately and I have a question about why I can feel happiness anger and stuff like that but not sadness?

  14. My good buddy found out that he was severely lacking in Vit D. His skin was gray. He's taking a massive amount now and his skin looks healthy and his overall health is better. So there are deficiencies, but better to be tested by a doctor.

  15. Hey Doc I have a question…
    When I was in grade 5 my height was very nice. I was taller than my classmates. But now I am in grade 8 and my height is not increasing. My classmates are growing taller than me. What should I do?

  16. Just got out of the ER on Saturday home health nurse send me there reason coughing up blood the ran a lot of test CBC cardiac ensimes X Ray CT. ER MD. Concern was in on 2 or 3 blood thinners eliqwest brilanta and a lot of hear meds due to my stemi 2 month ago
    ER thought is was due to blood thinners
    That's a lot and I take them 2x a day

  17. Hi Dr. Mike. I’ve been watching your videos for a while but this is my first time asking you a question. I don’t know how but I hurt the instep of my right foot at gym (I am a runner) and it still hurts.I don’t have a primary dr now so I am just doing some home treatment. I use ice bag everyday on my foot and eat Tumeric(I know u don’t like supplement but that’s the only thing I have now). It has been 3 weeks, sometimes I feel better sometime I feel worse. I didn’t go back to gym since I was hurt. Do you think I should go see a dr? It’s not that serious since I can walk but I can’t hike or gym now. What should I do 🙁

  18. 8:40 I don't think that question was a joke. A lot of recovering anorexic or bulimic people or anyone underweight may need to gain fat but is unaware how to or unable to.

  19. “If you do have ibs and it’s true” why would someone lie about having ibs? And why would you automatically mistrust those girls?

  20. Dr. Mike love your videos. My question is do you recommend taking a probiotic vitamin to improve the gut flora? I have taken a lot of antibiotics for constant ear infection and though I haven't token any for more than five years now. I've notice a little bloating which is caused by the unbalance of the bad and good bacteria of the gut and cause the lining of the stomach to have tears and leak. I don't eat yogurt which I hear is a good natural probiotic. Also increasing fiber intake. I eat greens, celery especially with peanut butter, broccoli, beans, and bell peppers. Should I take.a probiotic vitamin? What else do you recommend? Thank you Dr. Mike for all you do.

  21. how do you gain weight in a healthy way, are there any specific foods or nutrients to focus on? this is a question for people like me who have a really high metabolism and are underweight because of it. thanks Dr. mike!

  22. My son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease around age 5. He did SO well with his new diet for first 5 years. He turns 11 next Monday and has been terrible with asking for wheat filled treats like donuts or fast food burgers 😣
    I need to show him this part so he can get serious agsin about eating right. He thinks he doesn't feel bad so ots not a big deal

  23. After watching your show i had decided to study at medical school.now i regret a lot.i cant even get enough time to hangout with my friends as i hove to study a lot.but your shows are inspiring me to continue….though i missed a lot of episodes. But this one was inspirable

  24. can you do a video about pre med and med school? i want to become a doctor but im not sure how i should prepare for all the school

  25. Asthma sucks. Mine isn't that bad, but it flares up when I'm sick. I get coughing fits that take my breath away.

  26. Why do I feel like I am going to throw up right after I eat and then after a while, why do I feel like something is stuck in my throat. Like when you are going to cry only I am not going to cry.

  27. I got my wisdom teeth out and when I got the surgery they took an x ray to see the position of my teeth and they said I had 5 wisdom teeth!—one tiny tooth above my top right wisdom tooth

  28. I'm just watching this video, btw love your channel, and I can totally feel what the asmathic girl is saying, my family and some friends think that too, that I'm hypochondriac but is not like that is just that I take care of myself, an asthma attack is terrifying, I can't even describe the feeling. So no, we are not hypochondriac or anything is just that after while you know what kinda stuff set up those types of crisys and you avoid them…

  29. They say don't eat too much if you are going to study for your exams, cause your blood will focus its way to the stomach and digest food, not to the brain… Does eating too much before studying really effect the your study??

  30. Dr. Mike you really should do a collab with Shane Dawson! It would be so awesome. Y'all both would get a kick out it. Love your videos.

  31. I once drank2 liters of water in 10 minutes and immediately got stomach pain like I'm gonna die and that was during the second last period in school and In the last period about 40 minutes later my bladder was burning but the teacher didn't let me go to the toilet

  32. I have a question. Im from Texas and weed is illegal. What do you think about CBD oils? Are they illegal? Are they unhealthy?

  33. Hi doctor Mike i feel like you never made a video about periods and stuff please make one!!!

    By the way: i love your video's ❤️

  34. One time I got all four of my wisdom teeth out, only to find out 12 years later that I have a FIFTH one growing in, a para molar!

  35. Dr. Mike, I can't help but conclude that "IBS" is a bullshit umbrella diagnosis for "we don't know what is wrong with you, but you don't appear to be dying. Here is a diagnosis. Go deal with it on your own." Why? It's diagnosed by exclusion and there is no specific cause or treatment. It is frustrating.

  36. How ironical I love you but you will never be able to know that i am waiting for next life to get you as my best friend 🙂

  37. To the person with eczema – Speaking only for myself, but hoping this might help you in some way, I have found my eczema is directly related to how much stress I am under. I had terrible eczema on my hands, skin split open, wake myself up at night digging at my palms because they itched so badly, etc. Nothing I or my doctor did helped it. Well, I got hurt, and I had to retire on disability. My eczema disappeared almost overnight. Whenever I have a high stress life event, it comes back. So, for me, mine is directly related to my stress levels. I hope this helps you, and you are able to notice a pattern in your own breakouts.

  38. I feel like the “how to get fatter” question was more about the best way to gain weight if you’re severely underweight

  39. Hey Doctor Mike my question is that I have extremely poor circulation and I also had a hip surgery when I was 12 and ever since that time my circulation has been extremely poor and it doesn't matter what I'm doing is there any way I can help this numbing of my body without having to take medication AKA natural remedies

  40. For anyone curious; warm, salty water helps with extraction pain and healing. Gargle (don't swallow). I, too, have had 4 (I had 8, unfortunately) of my wisdom teeth removed. Dunno why Doc didn't mention it, maybe it didn't work for him or no one bothered to tell him.

  41. Hi doctor mike,
    My family members keep telling me I am too skinny, and most of my clothes don’t fit well. Do you know a way of how I can become a bit fatter??

    Thanks, Chloe 🙂

  42. Hey, can you make a video on lingual tonsils? I got mine taken out a couple of years ago. Maybe explain how it swells and what it is ? Thanks 😄

  43. So I’ve been diagnosed at the age of 31 with hip dysplacia with a torn labrum and bursitis in the same hip is there anything I can do to control the pain level everyday. This topic seems to be so misunderstood. I’ve been battling this issue now almost three years

  44. I have a weird one 🤣 but I’m actually serious. Passing out during a certain speed, riding a bike or driving. Sudden black outs. Why????? No one has answers and it’s embarrassing as it is!

  45. What can help with back pain? I do stretches and take the medication my doctor gives me and I am still in pain all day. I have a hard time leaning down sometimes due to the back pain. I am only 20 years old and had this problem for as long as I can remember. I stand on my feet 7 hours at a time due to work. I stretch in between customers and cleaning the shop.

  46. I think it'd be really helpful and great, for a lot of people, to see you do a video on herpes and the stigma. Living and dating with herpes is a hard thing for a lot of people to navigate and it really isn't talked about like it should. xx

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