Army Converting CSHs to Field Hospitals

the army is updating combat support
hospitals or CSHs into field hospitals to create a newer more modular structure
of battlefield care. The conversion reconfigures 248-bed CSHs into 32-bed
field hospitals with the capability of three additional augmentation
detachments including a 24-bed surgical detachment, a 32-bed medical detachment,
and a 60-bed intermediate care ward Detachment. Its tailorable and scalable
and it’s also responsive to different a different range of military operations.
The 10th CSH was the first unit to convert into the field hospital design. What we need to be able to do is deploy worldwide in support of any sort of
global contingency operations in a in a expedient manner. Traditional CSHs have
proven to be too large and logistically difficult to deploy as a whole which is
why the Army has historically only deployed slices or sections of the CSH.
The move to the field hospital design codifies that practice by restructuring
CSHs in a way that they’re primarily used –as a customizable scalable resource. In Army Medicine you know we have to keep up with the changing environment
and so when we’re on the battlefield people want to know that the medical
capability is there something should happen. The US Army Medical Materiel
Agency a subordinate organization of the US Army Medical Research and Materiel
Command is leading the logistics of the
conversion including joint assessments with each unit and fieldings. We upgrade,
we update, we give the soldiers and we give these units the most clinical items
that are out there are the most clinically viable items we try to make
sure they have them on hand so if there were a life or death issue we make sure
that they’re prepared to handle that with the equipment and materiel that we
give them. Over the next five years the Army plans to convert the rest of the
active duty CSHs as well as the Army Medical Materiel Readiness Program and army preposition stocks.

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