Are We Pretending Trump Wasn’t Rushed to the Hospital?

So speaking of hospitals, another 24 hours
have gone by since our initial coverage of Donald Trump appearing at the hospital over
the weekend without Walter Reed knowing he was going to supposedly just kind of get ahead
on his 2020 physical. There is now more information and more context
and it’s time to stop pretending that Donald Trump was maybe not rushed to the hospital
for some kind of emergency medical service. Hillary Clinton didn’t have Parkinson’s period. That was a conspiracy theory, but Donald Trump
does appear to have had some kind of medical incident that required him going to the hospital
when it was not planned. If you are a Hillary Parkinson’s truther,
you should be demanding transparency here about Donald Trump’s health. We don’t need to get conspiratorial. What we knew yesterday was that Trump went
to the hospital over the weekend, spent two hours there. We were told he wanted to jumpstart his 2020
physical and that everything’s fine. We then found out, well Walter Reed hospital
had no idea he was coming. We then found out that no president that we
know of has ever broken their physical into two parts, including getting a jump on it
in the year before the physical is actually due. We then found out that the press, uh, was
not, uh, it was told don’t expect to see Trump at all the rest of Sunday. The press didn’t see Trump on Monday. We have still gotten nothing more sensible
than the completely unprecedented and again, unbelievable explanation that Trump, he had
a free weekend. So he said, let’s go do two hours of medical
testing at the hospital. But don’t let them know that we’re coming. The press Corps still had not seen Trump as
of this morning, Tuesday morning, since he went to the hospital on Saturday. Trump’s sending some tweets during this morning,
uh, impeachment inquiry hearings. So this is not about Trump is bad because
he had a medical incident. I know I’m not insane. I’m not immoral. I’m not un-empathetic. But the clear obfuscation about everything
has to stop. And Trump’s health is part of that. Trump was rushed to the hospital and they’re
trying to keep the explanations secret. They are obviously not telling us the truth. Trump has lied about his health for a long
time. He’s lied about his height and weight. He’s lied about his cardiovascular health,
claiming you know, bogus letters from doctors saying it’s all fantastic. Now I’ve gotten a few emails saying, David,
this is what we’ve been telling you. They are setting up either a resignation or
something that will be based on either cognitive decline or failing health so that Trump doesn’t
risk losing reelection so that Donald Trump doesn’t risk an impeachment conviction. Maybe there’s no evidence that that’s what’s
going on right now. All we know is Trump is 73 he appears to be
obese, although just shy of it according to the height and weight numbers he’s given us,
although we don’t believe them. He lies about his height. He eats terribly. He doesn’t exercise. He might abuse uppers. He lies about everything. Why would we be surprised if Donald Trump
was hiding medical issues? The country does need to know. This is a real thing on which one might decide
to vote for one person or another. Trump knows it. The people around him know it and I imagine
that something is going to get out sooner or later, but let’s not pretend that this
is what Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Griffin Grisham said, which is Trump was bored. He didn’t have anything going on, so he said,
let’s go to the hospital for two hours. Even though I don’t need to do this until
next year. It’s not believable. It doesn’t make sense. Let me know what you think is going on. Make sure that you sign up for our Thanksgiving
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Pacman. Let me know. What do you believe is going on with Donald
Trump and the hospital visit and the fact that he has as of this broadcast. As of right now as I’m recording this, not
been seen in public since returning to the white house on Saturday, I want to hear from
you. Let me know on Twitter at these Hackman, leave a YouTube comment

100 thoughts on “Are We Pretending Trump Wasn’t Rushed to the Hospital?

  1. He's planning on faking his own death. Just wants to make sure his goons in hospital gowns know where to stand when he pulls the ultimate con.

  2. trump is doing exactly what Jimmy Saville used to do.

    Just turn up a hospital unannounced (expecting royal treatment), just for the P.R. (and children)

  3. I have given up trying to figure out what,'em the deal with Trump. I am watching this nightmare unfold.
    Congrats David for the great show you have…..keep the faith brother.

  4. Is it possible Trump is suffering from Glioblastoma? I'm not a doctor but seen people who suffered from this behaves as he does.

  5. Only, only, only, this "President" could ever be bored. Every other president has aged twice whatever time he has spent in office. Trump is "bored"!

  6. His bowels were impacted with republicans, he needed an emergency enema to get Lindsay Graham out, but Moscow Mitch is still up there somewhere.

  7. This reminds me when Hillary Clinton got thrown into that van when she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial. They totally lied about her having some sort of issue back them same here.

  8. Panic attack or chest pain. We know he's got coronary artery disease. Also judging by some of his muddled speach & thinking mini strokes are very possible. If I were his real doctor I would advise him to resign & get on a serious diet & excercise plan ASAP.

  9. At every genuinely public appearance, from the 5th World Series game (Washington DC) and onward (including the NYC Veterans Day parade) he's heard boos and chants of "lock him up". History says rulers hearing that stuff typically go the way of the Ceausescu family soon after, that is if they don't flee the country ahead of an angry mob.

  10. okay, so as a distraction he's using this latest one, and it's working, because his hospital visit whatever it was about is still "the" ongoing news, and he's loving it. why don't you let the theories about the doctor's visit alone for a while, since another distraction is now very probably on the way and will next be on Trump's "give me ALL attention" agenda.

  11. I reckon the fat fool has trapped wind. No fruit or veg in his diet. The doctor shoved a suppository up his ass. He took Sunday off because he waiting to produce a fart, the greatest fart, a beautiful fart, a fart no other President ever produced in the history of our country.

  12. It's hard to maintain outrage in the Trump era. I know we should, but they really do succeed in both exhausting us and in concealing vast amounts of wickedness behind slightly more awful wickedness.


  14. Gee, Doesn't everyone "Rush to the hospital for an unscheduled, unannounced physical? I know I sure do…..NOT!!!
    Looks like he's seeking a way to escape prosecution "like a dog"

  15. I guess it's going to take his having a heart attack in public and on camera for them to tell us the truth and even then it's doubtful,they'll probably tell us that trump was auditioning for a part in a movie for when he leaves office.

  16. That crest was getting a little tight and those clogged arteries are starting to caught up with super man and I heard they find out his heart disappeared years ago which explains his shitty heartless demeanor👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽☠️☠️💯

  17. We can't see his taxes but supposedly they are perfect.
    We can't see his school transcripts but supposedly they are perfect.
    We can't see his medical records but…..

  18. It’s less about pretending and more about not really caring. Keeping it 100%… most of American wishes he would die… either to get him out of office or keep the FULL truth from being exposed. The reality is more likely that he had a panic attack because the reality of impeachment, financial ruin, and jail. I don’t doubt he’s already had a stroke while in office.

  19. Trump allegedly uses adderall and similar drugs. Known side effects include a false sense of well-being, irritability, lack of libido, impotence, agitation, feelings of hostility, aggressive behaviour, excessive talkativeness and manic behaviour. More immediately relevant side effects which might lead to an emergency investigation include heart attack, fast heartbeat, chest pain, high blood pressure (Trump's 118/80 is clearly a joke not related to any sort of reality) and abnormal heart rhythm. It may be, of course, that he suffered a panic attack when faced with the impeachment evidence

  20. The only video of him afterwords shows a trump like figure at a distance walking from the helo.
    Could easily have been a double.

  21. Perhaps he's dead 📈📉❤❤💔💔💥💥🎉🎉🎉🎆🎆🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🍻🍻🍺🍺🍺🥂🥂🍾🍾🍾🍸🍸🍸🍹🍹🍹🎂

  22. He's bored so he goes to the hospital for fun? He doesn't go play golf? That makes no sense. I'm so sick of this administration constantly insulting our collective intelligence as if we can't tell they're lying.

  23. My bet is on a mild heart attack or panic attack based on the huge amount of stress he's currently under due to no fault but his own.

  24. Bowel obstruction. He was so full of crap he was about to explode. Might need cosmetic surgery where Jim Jordan's lips are glued to his behind.

  25. Wait, people don't go to the hospital when they're bored? I thought that was a thing, you know, catch up with my doctors and stuff

  26. Trumps dying words will be "There's nothing wrong with my health, my stupid doctor is wrong, I'm in perfect physical condition"

  27. Preparation for resignation to safe his face.
    Or with all that stress he his going through, is taking its toll on that old crook.

  28. His excuse makes no fucking sense. You can’t take a physical one year and use the results of it as a substitute for getting a physical the following year.

  29. He could have had a cardiac event & has been undergoing testing during the past few days & possibly even treatment procedures.

  30. sigh.. I was kinda hoping he caught a private flight back to russia… I mean.. it still might have just been a practice run to see how long it would take anyone to notice he was gone. As far as i'm concerned, just get on a plane and go.. Leave now and no hard feelings. … Just dont ever come back.

  31. David, remember, Roger Stone called it a while back. He said that "they" would use Alzheimer's as the buffoon's exist strategy. I could be wrong but, I believe that it was tmz that got the video footage of him saying this.

  32. Obviously, Trump ran out of little boys to feed on, and had to rush out to another location to perform the proper demonic rituals.

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