Apopka Farmworkers Clinic

He’s gonna take care of you, ok? Farmworkers don’t have insurance. If they need uh, like, a specialist or medicine
when they have to pay a lot of money…when you work in farms, it’s…the income is very
low. This was, sort of, part of our heart to try
to find a way to work with the College of Medicine and, you know, get a clinic out here. We just have a massive amount of volunteers. We have occupational therapy, physical therapy,
pharmacy, social work, OB-GYN, peds, internal medicine and triage, all operating at the
same time. And for the people that live in this community
that might have a problem with transportation, that might have a problem with getting appointments
set – this is an amazing opportunity for them to get served, and even to get referrals to
long-term care. I – I’ll take him. I’ll let them know. And then, we’ll just keep the triage going,
k? And all the people running around trying to
get supplies, trying to get things done – for most people this is their first time working
in a clinic-like setting too, so, being able to work with people of different educational
backgrounds has been incredibly rewarding. I watched these relationships develop that
– I would have never seen before. And everybody was just – it was this beautiful
symbiotic, wonderful relationship, and – it just warmed my heart because I don’t think that
they would have had this, had we not done something like this. I got involved because my parents are immigrants,
and global health has been very important to me, in terms of being – relating to other
cultures, and being able to access medicine from a lot of different backgrounds and a
lot of different perspectives. We saw babies – I think our youngest
was, like, 2 months old, and I think our oldest was in his 70s or 80s. We were just blown away with the amount of
people that came – oh my gosh. I think after tonight, we know that, you know,
there needs to be healthcare for this community, free healthcare – healthcare that is accessible
to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Apopka Farmworkers Clinic

  1. I see a lot of passion, dedication, compassion, and love. Thank you for the hard work you've all done and the time you've given into the community and yourself.

  2. It's great to see something like this being done to improve the well-being of others in a diverse community. Job well done!

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