Antioch Medical Center Birth Center Tour

(upbeat music) – [Voiceover] I’ve delivered
over 3000 babies and every day is still exciting. – [Voiceover] I feel
privileged to be a part of this miracle every day. – [Voiceover] This is so much
more than just a job for me. – The journey to parenthood
is an exciting time for you and for us. I’m Dr. Mary Klemm, the lead physician at Kaiser Permenante’s
Antioch Medical Center. I’m just one member of a close knit team eager to share that journey with you. Today I want to introduce
you to some of my colleagues and share with
you the care experience you’ll receive in the coming months. Once you learn you are
expecting, you’ll want to get in touch with the
call center and schedule your intake appointment. There, one of our
specialized prenatal clerks will gather some information from you and also let you know what’s ahead. If you need translation assistance, we’d be happy to provide it. You’ll also be able to
schedule your first of 8-10 prenatal visits. (relaxing piano music) – At these appointments,
you may be seen by someone like me. Hi, I’m Katherine King. I’m one of the experienced Midwives on the Diablo service area team. All of us Midwives are RNs specially trained in pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum care. We work closely with our physicians, nurse practitioners, and health educators in a team approach to help you feel as comfortable as possible while getting you and your child off to
the best possible start. This team will help you
develop your personalized birth plan, including
conversations about pain control. Something that feels right
for you and incorporates our best medical practices. In tandem with your prenatal visits, we encourage you to sign up for a series of classes to help you
prepare for your delivery and for the care of your newborn. We also offer hospital
tours so you’ll be familiar with our labor and delivery
area before your big day. (relaxing piano music) – When it is time to deliver, I’ll be an important part of your experience. I’m Martina Zundell, one of
the Labor and Delivery Nurses here at the Antioch Medical Center. The first thing you’ll
want to do when you think you’re in labor is call in. A nurse will help you
determine if it’s time to come to the hospital. When you arrive you’ll want to look for the stork parking signs. There are some by the main entrance and others near the emergency
department entrance. – [Voiceover] Come in either
way and follow the signs to the family lounge. Your first stop will be admitting. At about mid-pregnancy,
you’ll have received admitting forms so that
all that information should already be in our system. – [Voiceover] A labor and
deliver nurse will then take you to our observation area, assess how far along you are and get you into our birthing suite. – [Voiceover] You’ll be in
this room for your labor, delivery and recovery. These rooms, and all of
our postpartum rooms, have couches that convert to a bed for an overnight guest. – Your birthing suite
is equipped with some very specialized technology. There’s a fetal monitor
that warns us if your baby becomes distressed. This can be monitored remotely, so even if your nurse steps out for just a minute, they know what’s going on at all times. – [Katherin King, CNM} Our physicians, midwives
and nurses will work together to ensure that your labor is closely monitored. If you’ve had a healthy, normal pregnancy, chances are one of us midwives will deliver your baby. Of course, our physicians
are always available as well. – [Voiceover] Should you need a c-section, you’ll be moved into a labor and delivery operating room. In most cases, your partner
is welcome to join you. (relaxing guitar music) – [Voiceover] After delivery,
either vaginal or c-section, the first place we want
your baby to be is with you. But if we feel they need
some extra medical attention, they may be placed in the baby warmer. Once we’re confident
that everything’s okay, your baby will go right into your arms. – [Martina Zundell, RN] For a normal vaginal
delivery you can expect to stay in the hospital
for up to 24 hours. For a c-section, up to 72 hours. During that time, your
baby will stay with you. One of our pediatricians
will visit to ensure that your baby is thriving. Lactation consultants
will help you get off to a great start with breastfeeding. – [Mary Klemm, DO] In the rare event
of serious complications, your baby will be
transferred into the skilled hands of our intensive care nursery. Here, all our tiny
patients are monitored 24/7 by our specially trained staff. – [Voiceover] When it is time to go home, we want you to feel 100%
confident about taking care of your baby and yourself. Our mother/baby unit will talk you through all you need to know, book
your followup appointments and answer all of your
questions before you leave. Of course, you’ll need
to have your car seat properly installed before heading home. – [Voiceover] But that’s not the end of our journey together. In fact, in some ways,
it’s just a new beginning. – [Voiceover] Our care
experience team will continue to be here for you and
your baby as you both grow in health together.

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  1. Is this a Kaiser hospital or the delta Sutter?? It's kinda confusing cause at the end it says Kaiser but during the video says Sutter… can anyone help me out here??

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