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Vietnam A country renown for its natural beauty, rich culture, and thriving economy. It is also a country with concerning healthcare issues Due to lack of treatment and access, these rural communities have high rates of cataracts hypertension, and tooth decay. In 2008, a group of students from the University of Washington came together with the desire and will to combat these issues establishing Vietnam Health Clinic. Vietnam Health Clinic is a student-led, non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare access to underprivileged communities in Vietnam Today, we are partnered overseas with Third Cultural Capital, to coordinate the whos, whens, and wheres of our medical trip. This July, our group of volunteers and health professionals will be traveling to Hoi An, Vietnam for a span of two weeks where we will be hosting mobile health clinics in rural communities around the area. Our organization has grown since 2008 to include a variety of components alongside medical and pharmacy such as dental, optometry, public health education, and physical therapy. By developing our public health education and physical therapy components, we hope to provide our patients with more sustainable care, opening doors to a healthier and stronger future. During our trip we will also visit local orphanages, where we provide these young children with the necessary school supplies to support their education. Vietnam Health Clinic came to be from one shared hope and dream of a group of college students. Each year students and health professionals volunteer countless hours of hard work and energy to make our trip successful. What has allowed us to thrive and grow over the years can only be traced back to our local community. Thanks to generous donors and businesses, we are able to obtain the sufficient supplies to provide our best possible care for patients. As a community we have provided care for over 13,000 patients. Although you might not be going with us on our trip it doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of our cause. After all, we are all here today because we share one hope and one dream. “1… 2… 3…” “VHC!”

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