Anthem Video 2019 | Vietnam Health Clinic

We are Vietnam Health Clinic a nonprofit
dedicated to improving access to health services for under-resourced communities
in Vietnam. For many people Vietnam is a beautiful country with a vibrant culture,
ethnic diversity, and rich history. For many of us at VHC, Vietnam is also our
homeland. Despite making tremendous economic progress in improving quality
of life for its people malnutrition and lack of access to treatment is still
common in all Vietnam, so VHC decided to do something about it. Bringing together
students and healthcare professionals we travel to rural villages providing
primary and preventative care to patients. Our health care professionals
bring years of experiences not only to treat patients but to mentor students as
well. Students gain hands-on experiences and
an understanding of rural medicine. Both donate their time, their skills, and work
passionately to help open the doors to a healthier, stronger Vietnam. Since our
first mobile clinic in 2009, VHC has come a long way. We started with six health
care professionals and 35 students. More than 150 health care professionals and
300 students have since joined us to make a difference and we couldn’t have
done it without the support of our community. Health care professionals,
students, family, friends, businesses, partners — our community. We thrive because
of you more than 13,000 patients served because
of you. Celebrating a decade of memories, stories, and smiles because of you.
They say home is where the heart is and the home anchors us all. At Vietnam
Health Clinic our heart is to give and serve those in need. So continue the
journey with us help close the health care gap for those in need. Support today —
make a difference that could last a lifetime.
Join our family and welcome home.

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