Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion (ACDF) | Live Spine Surgery Video | Spine Surgeon

hello this is doctor corenman we’re going
to go through a video and animation of an anterior cervical decompression
and fusion C six seven here you see a side view x-ray
lateral x-ray where there’s an angulation and here you
see the MRI with the herniation at the base of the spine this is a normal level transversely and the next picture will be the
hernaited disc where you see it’s compressing both the cord as well as the two holes the nerves exit we first start with a small transverse
incision on the side of the neck point and we disect directly onto the anterior part of
the neck we put in these two small distraction
pins called caspar pins that allows us to pull the vertebra
apart to its normal height typically these
vertebra have collapsed at least half way this is a picture of what the annulus
itself looks like in a live video you can see this little penfield going
into the tear that tear obviously should be attached to that vertebra but this
patient has torn off their annulus we then take off the anterior aspect of the annulus and this video depicts how
it’s done in a simple matter and we’ll see how we do it using a typical eleven blade here is the little tiny scalpel that goes in and removes this annulus the nucleus is missing in this patient
it had actually dissolved away and the rest of it went to
the back of the neck compressing the nerves here we see a small tool removing this portion of the annulus we then remove the spurs on the front portion of the neck so we can get the two vertebra parallel and have a good spot to dock our plate in addition it allows us to be able to
know the depth of the graft that we need here we see a
burr taking off theses spurs once we have the spurs in the front
removed we then need to remove the spurs that
occur within the disc itself and we see this little dremel type
device the burr removing that bone and here we see a live version of the
same thing where the burr actually takes the spur
off the bone and we need to have the end plates
parallel because the end plates in a typical
cervical vertebra have some curve to them and in order to be accepting of a
good placement of a graft we have to take these end plates down we then curette the cartilage that sits on each end
plate and here we see the curette taking
off this cartilage this cartilage itself prevents boney fusion and must be thoroughly removed to prepare the end plates to accept the
bone graft in addition the cartilage hides the bone
spurs that project into the back of the canal and
we want to have those removed so here we see removal of that cartilage using a pituitary we then work on the back spurs that
are projecting into the canal and we use a small tool called a kerrison as well as a curette the uncovered campbell joints are the
areas of the bone that create the spurs that compress the nerves and here
you see them removed with the kerrison the kerrison will remove these and make more
room for the nerve which you can see in the background there you can also removed the spurs with the
high-speed burr as we see here and this thins down those spurs enough
that you can usually pull them into the disc space using a small up angled curette also we see the end plate being paralyzed here’s the finished product so to speak we irrigate to make sure and wash
out any debri and then we check for the height of the
graft that is necessary and we will use this little device you’ll
see being pushed in there it expands the vertebrates not perfectly
ready so a little more trim little more parallelization and then we’ll put that spacer in and you’ll see the spacer fits quite
nicely we know we’re ready for the graft we prepare the graft it could be in
auto graft from the patient themselves orn allo graft in this case will use an auto graft this is a device that measures the depth
of the hole and then what we’ll do is take a graft as depicted in this
animation and place it between the two vertebra here we see a graft with a little purple
and i actually dye the front of the graft purple to keep a good spot on it and we place it within the disc space that was the initial impaction and we do our final impaction and this is how a graft should look it should be
perfectly inter digitated between the two vertebra and fit quite nicely as you see we then take a small titanium plate and that plate will be put on the front to cover this graft to stabilize it and to allow the patient to get out of a collar much more quickly than normally these green screws you see look
to be quite big but they are actually small there’s significant magnification from the microscope that makes these
screws look larger than they really are once the screws are placed then we tighten down this swage screw
which attachs the screws to the plate itself and that’s that cross hatch
screw you see in the center we will shortly tighten that and there we
tighten those screws to swage them down that the post operative x-ray from front
to back view and a side view noting the position of
the plate and the incorporation of the graft thank you for your attention

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  1. @Lu Malungcot Hello Lu, Don't delay because your only suffering with the pain much longer then needed.
    Yes it takes time to recover, but look at optimistically … The pain will subside & you'll be on your way to recovery & can put that behind you.
    Everyone's different & like I mentioned before, I have other health issues that your most likely not dealing with.
    So with that being said …
    Make your appointment for surgery & know that you'll be able to continue with your life. For a little while you'll feel a little discomfort, which is normal.
    Please let me know if you decide to have the surgery & Please keep me updated on your progress.
    I'll keep you in my Prayers.
    Take Care …
    God Be With You …

    Lily 😊 ☺ ✌

  2. @Fernando Lara Please let me know how your doing today & what improvements you've noticed.
    Your Always in my Prayers.
    Lily 😊 ✌ ☺

  3. I had c5-6 done with my own bone in 2012. I also had to wear the neck brace for 8 weeks. It took me 6 months to completely heal. I had no complications either. I've had no problems since then. Glad I had it done.

  4. Half-dead medical student here, great video. Let's see if I can get 5 hours of sleep before having to scrub in in 7 hrs.

  5. So for any osteochondral bar that has contacts with anterior cervical cord, will have to operate from the front neck area?

  6. Thank you for the informative video!
    I feel a lot better about going under on Tuesday.

  7. Am having Anterior decompression diskectomy fusion of the C5-6 on June 24 2015…. have seem countless videos of this surgery so know what is going you be done to me…. just wondering about the recovery… Have been in pain for so long now, just want some relief… Can anyone who has gone thru this give me some insight…. As is now… have trouble with balance, weakness in arms & legs, sight affected. List is long but, will stop here…. Does any of this get better?????

  8. Very thankful for such videos. Now I have an even more detailed picture of what I will be having done this coming Tuesday, June 30, 2015, at C3-C4. I also have herniation at C6-C7 but fortunately it is asymptomatic at this time. I've also had L4-L5 & L5-S1 discectomy without fusion done back in January of this year too.

  9. Dr. hello good night, made this cervical disc disease surgery C4 / C5 / C6 / C7, associated with central disc protrusion and dilation of the central canal, is one year, but the pain contiam the same pains as before to the same direct superior, degenerative disease , I do not know what to do. help me thank you

  10. Had mine done in 2011 C6 and7 surgery went well but my question is if anybody out there ever had problems with swallowing food from when they go in so close to the throat. I talked to another person several months ago that had same procedure and had similar issues but said it was from cutting into muscle area of neck. Would appreciate any feedback

  11. a few questions here. Did this patient have numbness in the fingers and have shoulder pain? I have numbness in my middle and ring finger on the right hand along with weakness and my should pain is at time unbelievable and at time I sweat a lot. My other question is how long is this surgery and what is the recovery time and what is this procedure called. Thank you so very much

  12. I had trouble swallowing for about 3 days. I could move my neck right after surgery…. was actually walking to the bathroom, the nurse stayed beside me because of meds and I didn't have my cane with me. Has been over 2 mos now and I still have pain down my arms and weakness in my legs…. My doctor says I have scaring on my spinal cord. Am still hoping with time as I heal the pain will ease… The pressure has been relieved in my neck, which is great…. the pain was unbearable. Would still recommend this to someone who has same problems as I did…

  13. I had an ACD with plate some years ago at Kings College Hospital London. They said any longer and I would be paralysed. The op was a great success but took time to swallow properly. Don't even think about it now and cannot even see the scar. Thank you Kings..

  14. I have been into see the Dr about this as i have compression of the C5 C6..he says he can do the operation for me but says it may not be a success,i have what he sais is Brachial Neuritis and it has really affected my bodybuilding of 25yrs with a winging scapula and muscle wastage of the lat and rear delt.
    i really need answers as to what the outcomes will be bill if i do or if i dont..
    thank you.

  15. I had C-3, C-4 and another (don't remember) fused after a fall the almost broke my neck. Back in April 30, 2014. Not back to normal and probably never will. But better in pain almost 24/7 than in a wheelchair of life support.

  16. Very cool and kind of creepy. I had surgery on C3-C7 and they cleaned up C7. There's a plate or bars looking thing and 8 bolts. I wish I could say it helped. And also, they went in through the front.

  17. Chuck that is why I choose not to have spine surgery. I will take the pain killers cause most people I know the had spine surgery have what you said wosre pain

  18. hi,sir i have mascular problem my left shoulder is painic sinc from one n half year now a days above my cervical portion my head back side is painic.i have been faint 6 to 7 time in 6 month . but duration was 20 to 30 min and happend twice in six month .. what i have to do for this

  19. long time body infections, urinary infection, mental health,deficiency of nutrients are main reasons for disc compression.

  20. awesome work dox .i got nerve pain just beliw back of my skull..neck stains causr pain and adjysting has sum relief

  21. This is truly amazing. As I have a pinched C7 nerve causing me numbness in the R index and middle fingers as well as the right thumb tip. Would this be what would be done to me in this case.

  22. I had this surgery done on the same levels (c6-c7) and I'm stronger now than I ever was before. I always suffered from muscle imbalances and I'm definitely much more even now

  23. that is a #15 blade is used not an #11. Most Doctors use nueromontering, so those who need this surgery shouldn't worry about nerve damage. Follow the doctor's post op care and you will do great. The doctors I work with usually work on the right and take great care dissecting the soft tissue to reduce damage. Note you will be sore afterwards as with any surgery. take care every one! if you trust your surgeon, know you are in good hands. He has a great staff behind him, helping with all you don't see. 🙂

  24. I have a question please. I am 30 years old. I have a large disk herniation between c5 and c6, with spinal compression. The pain is sooo much better then a month ago. I still have some burning pain and mild neck pain. It's more moderate pain when I wake up in the morning. They gave me no option to try physical therapy or injections. I guess because of the spinal compression. They said I could lift my son who is 15 pounds after surgery and I should feel great in a week or about like I do now. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I had a C section (major surgery) only taking pain meds for 2 days (1 at night for just two days). My pain really isn't too bad and I only want to go through with this if my cord is at risk.

  25. Had mine done 20 years ago by professor Strong at Kings college London
    Painful afterwards and picked up a deep vein thrombosis 😡
    Have had no problems since with my neck or arm 🎉

  26. This is insanity. Poor patient is a lab rat with these medics. How about that remittance rate for spine surgery?? Yea it's awful. Not to mention all the people who have this shit done because their pills don't work. Good god, the spine wasn't designed to be fused

  27. My son has had two of these surgeries and has another coming up. This video was very helpful to me and very well done, to see the procedure we can now understand what is happening. Thank you so much~

  28. I'm in my first week of recovery….. my hands were affected by nerves…. any advice on when I can get rid of the hard collar & the length it will take my hands to heal.. thanks

  29. I have a torn muscle in my lower back and a pinched nerve. Is surgery a good option? Physical therapy didn't work and pain killers nor muscle relaxers help

  30. I had my c5/c6 done back in 2011. It took 9 hours. Due to being rear ended. 2 screws, 2 hooks and 2 rods.

  31. 18 months later I have some pain and soreness after working out but nothing like before my surgery. glad I had this done . scary but worth it ! awesome video

  32. What are the odds of causing paralysis with this type of procedure? Surely the spine is just as sensitive, if not more so, than the brain? And are the nerves in those soft white disc or in the tissue around the spine?

    Thanks for the answers.

  33. I have DISH in my neck and my neck is nearly fused. Is there any treatment that can improve the quality of my life?

  34. Imagino so glad tía y made this video. Know i know how my surgery was done. I thank Dr. Corenman for it. I feel great and just head my surgery one week ago.

  35. Great video. Love the image variations from live to animation. Great descriptions. You seem like a fantastic surgeon. Going into this procedure this is the first video I've watched that gives me some confidence. Not all procedures posted have this level of precision and excellence. Thankyou…even if it was posted years ago…lol

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